Vanessa Hudgens Declares ‘I’m Single,’ Just ‘Friends’ With Josh Hutcherson

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Vanessa and Josh's motorcycle date.
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Miss Hudgens always looks great.
Despite various sets of photos showing Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson looking like a couple together, Hudgens says the two are simply friends for now. Haven’t we heard this story before, though?

Hudgens was on Ellen on Tuesday (the episode will air Wednesday), where the always inquisitive host was very curious about Vanessa’s recent split from longtime boyfriend Zac Efron, but also about the rumors she’s dating Hutcherson. When Ellen insinuated that the two were a new couple, Hudgens shot back with “Can’t a girl have friends?”

After showing a photo of the two together on the television screen, Hudgens seemed to shift gears, though, saying “Aww, I love him. We just did a movie together and we had the best time.”

That movie is Journey To Mysterious Island, but Hudgens was there to promote Sucker Punch, which comes out this Friday.