Who’s the Mystery Man Ashley Greene Is Holding Hands With? (PHOTOS)

Joe & Ashley Split!
Take a trip through their relationship.
Holding hands has certainly become more commonplace among friends lately. For Ashley Greene however, who’s just a week separated from her public split from Joe Jonas, a post-club hand-holding bout is sure to bring some attention. So just who is this guy that she was hand-in-hand with? Oh, Celebuzz has answers.

Miss Greene spent the night out at Troubador nightclub in Hollywood on Tuesday night, and left the festivities looking quite cuddly with a tall male friend. Some quick Twitter sleuthing will reveal that Ashley was out with several people:

Her friend Caitie Uhlmann, writer Brett Gursky (whose Twitter picture doesn’t match up) and one Richard Horgan (@dicky2times on Twitter). Could the hand holding have just been a bit of chivalrous protection for his pal Ashley? Or is there more there?

On November 28, Horgan wrote to Greene: “@AshleyMGreene where is Barren!!!” On Tuesday night, he also posted a photo of himself  apparently licking the face of Greene’s pal Uhlmann.

So while the mystery will only deepen, one thing is for sure: Ashley Greene sure is pretty, and has also been out and about since her split. Just a day after the announcement, she was spotted with Kings of Leon rocker Jared Followill, who she has known for years.