Blake Lively Gets Pillow Shy Before Flying (PHOTOS)

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A pillow is a handy thing to have when you’re a jet-setter. It helps make generally uncomfortable plane rides that much more tolerable, and if you’re famous like Blake Lively, it can be used as a shield against the paparazzi.

The Gossip Girl blonde beauty landed at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday night after a flight with a big fluffy pillow in tow. When the regular gaggle of LAX photographers started snapping away at Miss Lively, the pillow quickly went from waist to face to prevent them from getting any good shots. Can’t a girl fly without having to get all dolled up?

Blake is being honored with the CinemaCon Breakthrough Performer of the Year award, apparently because of her role in Ben Affleck’s The Town. She’s also set to have a major role in The Green Lantern when it opens up in June.

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