Chris Brown Publicly Apologizes for 'GMA' Outburst (VIDEO)

Chris Brown Reacts to 'GMA' Outburst
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The Biebs and Chris Brown
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Chris Brown publicly apologized for his backstage Good Morning America tantrum during an interview on BET's 106 and Park on Wednesday.

Chris, 21, reportedly threw a violent tantrum in his dressing room at the Good Morning America studios on Tuesday because he was angry that GMA host Robin Roberts asked him a Rihanna-related question. Watch Chris' apology after the jump.

"First of all, I want to apologize to anybody who was startled in the office, or anybody who was offended or really looked, and [was] disappointed at my actions," Chris announced on 106 & Park. "Because I'm disappointed in the way I acted."

Brown also asked his fans to stop sending Robin negative messages over Twitter, proclaiming that he is all about promoting "love."

Watch Brown's apology below.


Robin and GMA producers announced that they would not be pressing charges against Chris and publicly stated that they "wish him the absolute best" and want him to return to the show. While some viewers (like the World News hosts above) found Robin's words "gracious" other critics slammed the show as "pandering" to the singer and enabling his violent behavior.

Watch the GMA interview with Chris below.

Chris pled guilty to felony domestic violence charges after beating up then-girlfriend Rihanna after a Grammys pre-party in 2008. Chris is currently serving out a 5 year probation term and recently completed a court-ordered anger management class.

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  • maryleybone

    Let's not make excuses for him. If you are 6 it's not okay to tantrum, and if you do, you are too small to do much damage, and you're sent to your room. And your saying he needs more than 2 years to get over WHAT? Beating a person or an animal or child is NEVER okay no matter how old he is. But it's not he who has to get over his violence. It's his victims. Yes, he's young, and probably had a rough childhood. But apparently, he isn't civilized and doesn't have respect for beings or property. Saying, aw, shucks, he's young, it takes longer to become a decent person is what got him into this. People keep giving in to him. I'm concerned about these people who are given such latitude until they kill someone, something, or die themselves. It's really sad that they don't learn boundaries.

  • maryleybone

    Apologies just don't do it. I understand he was POd. Oh well. That's the whole thing--we all must deal with things we'd rather not deal with and unfortunate situations. It's not okay to beat up a girl or beat up a property. He does NOT have the right to be violent whether he's happy with the result or not. The world does NOT revolve around pleasing him. It's unfortunate that he had the temper tantrum. It's unfortunate I won't buy his album. It's sad he makes such bad choices when he apparently has some talent. We do not get to be thugs and then apologize. Enough arreddy.

  • Michael Hardt
    Michael Hardt

    And a no-talent. A disgusting role model for the young. No one should support this loser by buying the crap he produces.

  • It's Me
    It's Me

    STUPID IS ~ AS STUPID DOES !! And he's pretty darn stupid!!

  • It's Me
    It's Me

    he also APOLOGIZED for what he did to Rihanna, so just as long as he apologize's then it's ALL ok, and noone should be upset, with Chris ABUSIVE WAY'S!!!!!!! The BOY needs MORE HELP!!!!

  • stupidgirls

    only subhumans have to beat women, would have been a mistake if he had killed her? what the heck does it take, women are so foolish, they can come talk after they have been to the hospital for getting their faces smashed in by the man they "love"

  • barblicious

    his only human.. his growing up.. & he will make mistakes..just like every other human being.. we will never know hw he feels inside & im shocked just like everyone else but 2 years is not enough he still has a long way 2 go b4 he gets over it.

  • Kathy

    @Anne, you realize he preapproved all the questions before the interview, right? He KNEW he was going to be asked questions about Rihanna. And how do you think the people on the street felt, when they had glass pouring over their heads? Get a grip.

  • f cbrown
    f cbrown

    she asked him about the questions before hand and he was fine with it, he is obviously still bothered by it and he needs to be. They are just lucky noone on the street got hit by any of that window or his ass would be in jail where woman beaters belong.

  • Anne

    btw his album is A MUST HAVE !!!! trust me

  • Anne

    honestly the lady was waaay wrong . she shouldnt have asked all these questions about what happened two years ago ... when the guy was tryin to promote his album and tryin to forget the past and open a new page all she did was remind people of the mistake he did . it was truely insultting ! i felt so sorry for chris when he was sitting in that chair poor guy nobody is going to forget what he did bu as he said with chipmunk he's a champion <3