Giveaway Alert! Win a Baby JaR Gift Basket!

Baby Fever!


From Jessica Alba to Kate Hudson and many, many more, pregnancies in Hollywood are certainly aplenty.

While these two ladies are already mommies, there are some out there (like Alyssa Milano and Natalie Portman) who are first timers, and need gear to make sure their babies get all the best. That's why Celebuzz has decided to give away TWO awesome prize packs from Baby JaR, that are fit for celebs, but could be yours!

So, what kind of gear will you get hooked up with?

Baby JaR Gift Basket for a baby girl worth approximately $150.00 includes items from the new Grace Collection · Bib · 2 Burpies · Hooded Towel · “Napa” Blanket from the Signature Collection

Baby JaR Gift Basket for a baby boy worth approximately $150.00 includes items from the new Road Trip Collection · Bib · 2 Burpies · Hooded Towel · “Nepal” Blanket from the Signature Collection

All you have to do to win is leave a comment with your favorite expectant celeb! Good luck!

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  • Alexa

    I love that Christina Aguilera felt sexier during and after her pregnancy! rock on ladies!

  • Nichole Sue Boman
    Nichole Sue Boman

    Mariah Carey... for sure!!! especially when she painted the butterfly on her belly!!! soooo adorable!

  • Mary

    Alisha Silverstone

  • Ann

    Natalie Portman. I've always known she would end up being a classic Hollywood actress.

  • pat

    Maya Rudolph looks great!

  • Kristena Ducre
    Kristena Ducre

    Victoria Beckham is, by far, my favorite expectant celebrity. The former Spice Girl already has three adorable sons with her amazingly hot husband David Beckham, but according to recent reports, baby number four is a little girl. Posh has done magazine interviews stating how much she'd love to have a girl, so it's easy to imagine the joy she must be feeling at finally having the chance to have her own mini-me. I had my first baby, a daughter, last November and can definitely understand why Victoria wanted a girl. I was hoping for a boy until I had a girl. I get to dress her up in cuter dresses and outfits, spoil her like a princess, and am counting down the days until I get to put bows and ribbons in her hair! :) Victoria Beckham is always flawless, fashionable, and beautiful, but never more so than during her pregnancies. She comes across as gracious and surprisingly humble in all of the interviews and her presentations of her fashion line, so I can't think of a celeb I'd rather see gain such happiness. All of those reasons account for why she is, hands down, my favorite pregnant celeb. (With Natalie Portman as a very close runner-up!)

  • mearnold115

    My favorite expectant celebrity is Mel B. from the Spice Girls; I'm a die hard Spice Girls fan for life!

  • Tara Lombardi-Brooks
    Tara Lombardi-Brooks

    Natalie Portman is definitely my favorite pregnant celeb. She has looked gorgeous at all of the awards show and I give her credit because I never felt that good or glowed like she does. She makes a much better pregnant person than me!

  • Cristina

    Jessica Alba =D

  • owliegrowlie

    Well, Alicia Silverstone is my favorite pregnant celeb. She is keeping active and has a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, I am my favorite pregnant woman, because I am living it and doing my best to be good at it. Due in October and can't wait!!! :o)

  • penny

    def alicia silverstone! so glad to see her in mags again.

  • Jenni

    AH! Except I only just found out she already had him! well she was an adorable preggo. Besides her, Natalie Portman or Victoria Beckham.

  • Jenni

    Rachel Zoe! She's sooo cute!

  • Jessica

    Any pregnant women who is followed and potentially ridiculed by the media is in my mind a star! Kate Hudson is adorable!

  • Dana

    These giveaways are adorable! I have purchased Baby Jar products and everyone loves them! Anyone would be lucky to win a basket from this company!

  • Jo

    I am nine days from my due date with my second child. I wish I looked as radient as Natalie Portman does whether she's doind red carpet stuff or walking the dog. Also Kate Hudson looks ammazing and Emma Bunton always seems to be glowing too.

  • Phuong

    Natalie Portman!

  • ambermiller86

    Natalie Portman. :D she is a cute pregnant lady lol. And I have a little baby boy who would love to win this!!!

  • Anne Swanson
    Anne Swanson

    LOVE Kate Hudson's bump. :)

  • Heather D.
    Heather D.

    I like Alicia Silverstone. She is not clueless anymore!!!! lol

  • shellyshoppin
  • Angela Watson
    Angela Watson

    Alicia Silverstone. She's the very picture of health & radiance.

  • abby1895

    Jessica Alba! She is glowing from head-to-toe and seems so happy. Plus her daughter Honor is absolutely gorgeous. :)

  • Courtney Lynn Kozloski
    Courtney Lynn Kozloski

    I think that Jessica Alba is the most adorable mommy to be !

  • Rebecca

    Natalie Portman :D

  • Sara

    Kate Hudson is a glowing mom to be.

  • Helen

    I love Kate Hudson's pregnancy style. She is so carefree and glowing.

  • Melanie

    Loving Natalie Portman right now and her baby to be. I thinks she looks beautiful and has the elegant glow of a mother to be.

  • dixie

    Natalie Portman is the most adorable pregnant celeb right now!

  • Kimberly

    I like Maya Rudolph. She seems pretty down to earth. I don't imagine her baby being a brat. :)

  • Jamie

    Pregnancy suits Natalie Portman well. She looks beautiful.