Natalie Portman and Her Bump Take the Dog for a Walk (PHOTOS)

Sure, she's bundled up in a winter coat because of remarkably unseasonable weather in New York City, but not even a parka can completely  hide Natalie Portman's baby bump.

Natalie hit the pavement to take her teeny pooch Whiz for a walk on Thursday afternoon. Complete with a fur-lined hood pulled over her head, Natalie sauntered about with her belly easily distinguishable behind her winter gear. 

Natalie and her fiance Benjamin Millepied never gave a due date for the baby, but did allude to the fact that Natalie was due in the summer. Many have speculated that just from the size of Natalie's bump, it might be more of a spring arrival for the Oscar winner. The two met on the set of Swan, where Millepied served as choreographer. He also plays her dance partner in the film.

Portman recently swept the awards season -- including winning the best actress Oscar for her role in Swan. Watch her and Millepied dance together in this scene: 




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  • carolhotpink

    She is very cute with the dog even more though

  • rhodeydiamond

    I'm just amused by the headline, as if it were possible for her to just leave the bump at home. :P

  • Martha

    IF you have to use a body double to film from the chest down, then you're dancing skills are not all that great. Giving credit to the person who did the dancing would have been the right thing to do.

  • noah

    No one likes a ballet snob.

  • Maeve

    Someone lied about their due date!!

  • Skobie

    That clip is a perfect example of her Level 1 Ballet skills. There's nothing Benjie choreographed for her to do in that alleged "solo" that a Level 1 Ballet student can't do by semester's end.