Reese Witherspoon Does Some (Possibly) Pre-Wedding Shopping

Reese's Cutest Looks
Miss Witherspoon, from 'Legally Blonde' to mom.
Reese Witherspoon can’t go anywhere these days without a gaggle of paparazzo in tow thanks to rumors she’s set to walk the aisle this weekend.

Whether or not Reese and her boyfriend Jim Toth are indeed getting married on Saturday as many suspect, Reese was out and about on Thursday to do a bit of shopping. She was seen browsing some shops in West Hollywood … perhaps picking out some cute honeymoon outfits? Eh? Maybe?

Word on the street is that the nuptials will take place in Reese’s backyard on Saturday, but aside from speculation and hearsay, that’s pretty much all the info out there. The couple has been tight-lipped about the possible wedding, and all signs point towards it being a very private affair … if it actually happens.

Meantime, Reese will be on the publicity circuit come April, as the release of her film with Robert Pattinson, Water for Elephants, is set to be released.