The Meet & Greet: Emily Jaye Rocks Out with ‘Frentik’ Energy (VIDEO)

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Are you ready to rock?!? Emily Jaye is the frontwoman for Frentik — a self-defined word meaning “insane, violently mad (especially at boys).” Her performances have been compared to the likes of Paramore and No Doubt — wildly thrashing about the stage, dancing around, jumping on top of speakers and even into the audience. This girl is fearless! Instant crush.

Did you always want to be a singer?

I’ve always wanted to do it, but for awhile I just felt discouraged. I felt like there are so many girls that are singers — they’re prettier, they’re this, they’re that.  Like, why would I even try? Then I realized that it’s not about better, it’s about being unique. It was just finding in me what was unique and being confidant in that and bringing that out.

Your live shows are full-on energy. Have you always had such confidence on stage?

I actually used to get horrible stage fright. My mouth would get really dry because I’d get nervous. One day I broke down crying. I just powered through it and I kept performing and kept performing. The more that I did it, the more comfortable I got in my own skin. Then, everything inside me that wanted to come out was just finally able to come out. They say that excitement and nervousness is the same energy in your body. It’s just how you use it. Now, I don’t get stage fright at all, [but] I do get that excited nervous energy.

We’re debuting the video for “Firecracker” (watch below); what’s the song about?

It’s one of my favorite songs that I’ve written, because I think it really sums up my personality. The hook line is: “I’m a firecracker, got my own lighter, set me off, the place is on fire.”  It’s that whole thing of; you don’t need to set me off because I’m going to set myself off.

Was that the idea behind the song when you started writing it?

I have a lot of songs that are about female empowerment, with a little bit of boy bashing in there. “Firecracker” is just about people in general, that can pull you down and put out your fire. They’re not letting you be who you are, but molding you into what they want you to be. It was just one of those things that frustrated me and made my blood boil.

I’m not a man hater. Some people listen to the songs and say “Oh, she just hates men.” But, no, I am a romantic. I totally believe in love and I think everybody wants to be in love. But, I think a lot of times women just get in a relationship because they don’t want to be alone, not because that’s the right person for them, or because that person brings out something good in them. It’s just because it’s something to do and someone to be with. Then they stay longer than they should.

Usually when you watch it happen to someone else it’s easier to pick up on it.

Yes, and that’s happened to me in my past. Getting out of it and then looking back when you’re out of it, you can see what happens. You can see what got you sucked into that. Then you know how to prevent it, you know the warning signs.

How do you assert yourself in that positive way, or do you just get mad?

Sometimes I get mad. A lot of times somebody will tell me “I think you need to do this.” That’s cool, thanks for letting me know. Maybe I will take it into consideration, but ultimately I do what I want.

What would you say is some of the best advice you’ve ever have gotten?

Just to keep doing it; try to write everyday. Actually, its funny, I just met Stevie Nicks recently, which was incredible. We had this bonding moment and it was really cool.

We played this thing in San Diego called the Sunset Sessions. She came and she spoke and I got to meet her. She said that she writes in her journal every single night, regardless of how tired she is. She has the pages open and she writes in her journal on the left and she keeps the right side blank, so that when she goes back and she reads it, she can pull things out of her journal and write lyrics on the other page. That’s really cool because I’ve had a hard time with journaling and then trying to pull lyrics out and that’s a cool way she does it. I was like; I’m going to start doing that. So I did.

There’s obviously a lot of advice and things that people tell you, but people also like to say ‘No’.  How do you deal with rejection?

I think rejection always sucks, but any star has had a lot of rejection along the way to get to where they are. So when there is rejection, my attitude about it is: “I need to get my rejection out of the way, I need this to happen so that we can move on because I need to be able to have these stories.” Even Lady Gaga had three record deals and they all fell through.

That is a really good way to look at it!

And also, if you are told yes all along the way, and rejection does happen later, it’s horrifying. So, I think it kind of keeps you in check.

What’s next for Frentik?

We’re playing at the Roxy on April 6th and we’re going to focus on doing some more songs. We have new songs that we’ve written and we have an EP out right now (Buy Firecracker on iTunes).