‘American Idol’ Elimination Stunner: Casey Abrams Gets Lowest Votes

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In a surprising turn of events, fan favorites Stefano Langone and Casey Abrams became the first two guys up for elimination this season — with Casey the first guy to be voted off by the viewing public. When he took the mic to perform one last time, he was stopped mid-song by the judges.

Steven Tyler announced:

“This is crazy wrong. We made a decision here to keep you on.”

The judge’s decision to keep him in the running changes the game dramatically. Firstly, the judges have already used their one save to keep a contestant from going home. With 11 singers remaining, that means there could easily be another upset, as in previous years when Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson were sent home when many thought they would go all the way to the finals. The save was specifically created to avoid such instances from happening on the show.

By Casey being saved this week, it also means next week will see two people going home. 

Additionally, Ryan Seacrest revealed that all 11 contestants will go on the American Idol tour, since there will be no official top 10 due to this situation.