‘Jersey Shore’ Finale: What Did You Think? (VIDEO)

'Jersey Shore' Season 3
See photos from the 3rd season of the hit show!
Another season of Jersey Shore has come and gone, and the more things change, the more things remain the same.

How so, you ask? Well, Sammi and Ronnie still fight constantly, Vinny and Snooki are kinda-sorta into each other (but generally only when bombed) and The Situation has a PhD in instigating drama. Sure, it’s predictable, but man is it fun to watch. But what’s your opinion on Thursday’s season 3 finale? 

Right from the beginning of the episode, there was instant tension, as Ronnie grilled Sammi about potentially hooking up with Mike’s friend Arvin — which Sammi denies. As throughout this whole season, the dueling couple goes from room to room in a yelling match, with each venting their frustrations for the world to see. While the demise of a relationship is sad, it’s doubtful that many — especially their roommates — will say that these two should try to work it out.