Taylor Momsen Gives a Shady Parisian Performance (PHOTOS)

Is That You T-Moms?
Taylor Momsen Performs in Paris

Taylor Momsen ditched her usual look of ripped fishnet stockings, 7-inch plastic heels and skimpy lingerie for a (relatively) tame outfit while performing with her band the Pretty Reckless in Paris on Friday afternoon.

Don't worry T-Moms faithfuls, she was still rocking a look only she could pull of with some shades, a see-through shirt and an oversized flannel a la 90s Seattle grunge.

This look is a far cry from what one of her former Gossip Girl co-stars was sporting yesterday.

Blake Lively was spotted having a beach day in California yesterday while filming an upcoming episode of the hit CW show. It's just a hunch, but we're going to go ahead and assume those two never raided each others' closets.

Which look would you rather sport? Beachy chic? Or rocker grunge? Sound off by hitting us up on Twitter or drop us a line on our Facebook page!



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  • Ahmed Sawad
    Ahmed Sawad

    Tell me about it

  • Kenaroni

    Oh s--t! Nothin left to the imagination here!

  • saaa07

    omg i want her wardrobe!

  • maxwellhammer

    Can't wait for her 18th birthday when we get to see her naked.

  • noah

    This is the most clothes I've seen on Momsen since her grandmothers funeral.