Which Celebs Have Hated on 'Glee'? (PHOTOS)

Where's the Love?
Glee Haters: Kings of Leon

We know this may come as a shock, but not everyone in the world loves Glee. Between hotties Cory Monteith, Darren Criss, the incredibly lovable Chris Colfer, and their amazing soundtrack, we're not really sure how anyone could be a hater.

While some of those out there who don't have it on a series recording on their DVR might be your friends or fam, there are some celebs out there who don't like it either! For shame!

So, who is a member of the Glee non-fan club?

While some celebs (like former Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson) has serious issues with the show because of its gay kiss between Blaine and Kurt, there are others (like Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl) who just plain doesn't like it.

Then there are those celebs who claimed to not like it, but it really was a misunderstanding, or they'd turned it down at first and eventually caved in to the amazingness that is Glee.

Find out who all the Glee "haters" are in the gallery. Do they have a reason to not like it? Or do you think they're crazy? Let us know by tweeting us @CELEBUZZ or even join the convo on Facebook!



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  • Alvin Lee
    Alvin Lee

    so a fat, no talent, not even an ounce of funny, even less funny than Norm MacDonald complains about a cast full of super-talented individuals that address real life teen issues from bullying, sexuality, and peer pressure...sounds like she's more jealous that she's not talented and she's not getting any

  • Mimi

    Gorillaz RULE! So good they didn't accept it...

  • Lex

    Uh...'cause Chris Martin's wife guest starred!Duh!

  • mariaa98

    WOWOWOWOW"···!!!~~~~ Se ekInterracial / c o m ~~~ which is a h'ot com'munity for whit'es and bla'cks to find their inter'racial lov'e.,there has been thousands of sing'le m'embers onlin'e and many bla'ck and w'hite sin'gle girl's or gu'ys waitting for you maybe you will like it.

  • likeaboss

    This is why Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus pwns > Glee. These people on glee singing are no better than me and 7 random people singing in the shower together. At least Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus sang her own songs(or songs written specifically for her) and they were bossin awesome songs at that. When some of the big leagues in the music industry is refusing to co-sign you, its time to look at reality at how much of a mockery Glee is, just like Hannah Montana, but worse (in my opinion).

  • Lauren

    I personally love Glee but I think that the person above is saying that Ryan Murphy is expecting that all celebs will just automatically jump at the opportunity to be on the show and he shouldn't. I am not agreeing with that as I don't know what Ryan Murphy thinks, expects, or what goes on with casting, I am juts saying that that is what I took that comment to mean. Not every celebrity should have to want to be on the show and not every musician or group should have to allow their music to be used. Its their choice. I also think that they are saying that they need to focus more on the show's main cast an just have slightly fewer celeb guest stars. Celebrities are jumping at the opportunity to be on the show now that it has such high ratings, but if those ratings drop they won't want anything to do with it anymore and that that is the main reason that these people are interested in being on the show. The celebs aren't actually helping make the show better and I know for me, I like when they focus on the main characters. As for the comment about that commenter being a homophobe and agreeing with Victoria Jackson, they didn't say anything about her or gay characters or anything even related to that. I think that what Victoria Jackson is saying is completely ridiculous and is totally rude. Its just plain bigotry. But they never even said anything about it, so I think that your response was a little harsh and out of place

  • maxwellhammer

    Mediocre music being performed by mediocre singers... what's not to love? Isn't mediocrity the American Dream?

  • kyuubi

    And I'm no fking homophobe, I'm as liberal as the next person, how you can say I am one just because I disagree with where the show is heading says more about you then me, moron!

  • kyuubi

    Truth hurts, bitch!

  • Allie

    I personally love Glee. Its 100% not everyone's cup of tea. But really this Victoria Jackson needs to be lynched. She is nothing but a homophobic jerk who is using religion as an excuse for bad behavior and rude comments.

  • mia

    fuck off ^ its just a show. You should be ashamed of yourself agreeing with this "Victoria Jackson" character, she is obviously a total homophobe just like you.

  • kyuubi

    The creator's ego has gotten too big, and they should slow down on the celeb guest appearances, they all jump on the bandwagon now but when the ratings slide, will those same celebs be there? This show just may burn out quickly if it keeps going like this

  • anne

    hahah glee sucks man!

  • cutichick0100

    will everyone has it on opinion and to me I love GLEE <3 <3