Zachary Quinto and Tyler Shields Team Up

Shields and Pettyfer
Tylers shoots sexy Alex Pettyfer.
Shields and Emma Roberts
Tyler shoots the beautiful Emma Roberts.
It’s not the first time super sexy Zachary Quinto has teamed up with the amazingly talented photographer Tyler Shields, but this project is going to be unlike any other the pair have ever ventured into together. 

The dynamic duo will be bringing the beautiful madness that is Tyler Shields to TV!

With Quinto co-producing and appearing in the series along side Shields, it’s almost guaranteed to be sheer brilliance. The concept of the show is to reveal what it’s like to be at one of Tyler’s infamous and sometimes dangerous photo shoots. In fact, co-producers at Relativity Real only gave one rule for shooting to Shields and Quinto — stay alive for the first season!

Shields has been known to push such stars as Lindsay Lohan and even Glee’s Harry Shum Jr. to the edge of their limits and then a tad further. No release dates have been set yet for the series but Celebuzz will let you know as we as we know the full deets.