Exclusive: Kendra Wilkinson Chats ‘DWTS’ & Shows Celebuzz Her Moves! (VIDEO)

Kendra's First Dance!
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Kendra Preps for 'DWTS'
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It’s Monday night so you know what that means — a new episode of Dancing with the Stars!

Reality star Kendra Wilkinson did a solid job during last week’s season premiere and earned a 18 out of 30 from the judges. However, this week she’s back with a vengeance and Celebuzz has an exclusive sneak peek at this week’s dance!

After the jump, find out who from the cast Kendra’s bonded with, her first week nerves, baby Hank and much more!

What was the energy like Monday night backstage?

Kendra Wilkinson: There were a lot of nerves in the air.

Were you more excited or were you more nervous?

KW: Everyone kind of went out to watch the other dances and I’m kind of superstitious like that and I don’t want to watch. I just want to do what I can do. I just don’t want to watch anyone dance because then I’ll want to do better because I’m really competitive. I put my head down and just got in my own zone.

Is there anyone in the cast that you’re having a lot of fun or bonded with?

KW: I’m bonding with almost everybody. I love everybody on the cast. Chelsea Kane, she’s my little girl. I’m taking her under my wing. I’m breaking her in. She’s a Disney star and 22. It’s time for her to be a woman and hang with me a little bit. She’s an awesome girl. And of course I love Romeo. He’s such a good role model. Just him [dancing] makes me feel better as a mother of a son that he’s not afraid to put on some dancing shoes. It takes a real man to put on some dancing shoes and get out there and dance.

Has Hank tried to boogie with you guys?

KW: Yeah. Last night actually I taught him some dance moves. It was so funny because I automatically think that he knows what he’s doing because he’s playing the role of Louis. I feel like he knows everything but he just doesn’t. It’s so bad. I’m the worst teacher.

Louis Van Amstel: She comes back the following day with bruises on her body because she’s teaching her husband in the living room or the kitchen.

Which dance are you most nervous to learn?

KW: I was most nervous about the quickstep but now that I’ve got the routine down I’m having fun. I think it’s more fun than the cha cha, which was fun and has the hip movement, but it’s a little to fast for me to actually enjoy it. The quickstep is fast but you have more time to have fun in the moment.

Do you guys get to pick the music?

LVA: We get to suggest music, but so far we haven’t. Last season I suggested hundreds of songs, but this one I haven’t. It’s kind of stressful instead of having them give us whatever and then dealing with it. They’re being good now about the personalities where they kind of know what [Kendra] likes or what they want people to get from us.

KW: I’m so into [music] like country or 80’s but that’s not the type of music the “character” the media has made me into so it doesn’t make sense for them to choose that type of music for me.

You mentioned in last week’s judging how it was hard to dance in heels, how is it now?

KW: These are actually not bad. The ones I practice in are a nightmare. I actually started at a two, and I worked my way up to a three, and then I worked my way up to a three and a half. So I wore a three and a half inch heel for the first dance, which really nobody does but the pro-dancers. But I did learn my lesson. I think if I would’ve gone down to a three inch, I would’ve been ok. I got a little wobbly because I was a little off balance. But it’s over now.

Was the glam process of getting spray tanned and the costume fitting fun?

KW: It took me back to my Playboy Mansion days. It was a lot of fun, finding those colors that would pop on me. I was so afraid for the spray tan because I’ve seen some girls on past seasons that come out orange. But then I got spray tanned and it was so beautiful. I love the tan they used on me. And the makeup is so amazing. But yeah, I am a tomboy so it’s a little more stressful for me than it is fun. Dancing is fun for me. That’s what’s funny about it. Girls love the whole getting made up and ready for the dance, but I’m the opposite. I hate getting ready for the dance, but I love to dance.

How did you feel about your performance on Monday?

KW: I was so proud. After getting home Monday night from the dance, I watched the footage of it like twenty times in a row with Hank. I just wanted to see what I did, how I did. It went from the first time watching it thinking, god I did so bad, to the last time thinking, I did a damn good job. I think our dance was the hardest one, period. I could’ve easily gone out there and done something very freestyle, but our [dance] was textbook, perfect. You take a person who’s never in her life danced before and you put her with an advanced dance. I did every dance perfectly, got down the steps, but of course I bent my knees. I’ve got rhythm and am athletic but that’s totally different from gliding across the floor and doing certain moves. Yeah, there’s an athleticism to dancing but being an athlete is not what makes you a good dancer.

Did you want to watch any dance movies to prepare?

KW: No, I tried not to. Actually, the cha cha was haunting me until the day of. After practice I wanted to leave because I have a life outside of dance. I have my family life with my baby and husband. But one of little Hanks cartoons brought up the cha cha and I was like, turn it off! It was haunting me! No matter where I went. The day we performed was March 21st and that date was haunting me. I was drinking out of my orange juice carton and the date it expired was in my face, March 21st. I was about to throw the orange juice out.

How is baby Hank doing? Is he talking yet?

KW: Yeah, his first word was “dad.” But he’s so cute, he says “Moooooom!” and says “dar” for “car,” and calls our dog Martini, “Nini.” Also, this morning he woke me up by just crawling all over me and jabbed me right in the eye!