Expert on Sean Penn & Scarlett Johansson Going Public: It’s More About ‘Companionship’

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Oh, Scarlett. Should we really be surprised that Scarlett Johansson is supposedly dating the much older (and frankly, yuckier) Sean Penn now that she’s no longer with Ryan Reynolds? Scarlett does nothing traditional, and, well, this ‘romance’ is certainly not traditional.

After the news that Scarlett and Sean attended Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth’s wedding this weekend (Scarlett is a client of Jim’s, while Sean is repped by fellow CAA agent Bryan Lourd), it certainly appears that there is more to their relationship than anyone believed at first. Do I see it lasting?

Not a chance in Hollywood hell. However, from all accounts, Sean is the complete opposite of Ryan, and following a very devastating personal ordeal, a 180 on the relationship front may be what Scarlett needs. However, is it smart? Well, if you’re trying to heal properly and find the right man, then no. But in Hollywood, rarely is anyone smart. (Charlie Sheen, anyone?) I believe that for Scarlett, dating Sean is exciting, different and ‘dangerous’ (image-wise). Truthfully, even though Sean has twenty years on Ryan, it’s Ryan who comes off as more mature. If the rumors are true that Ryan was the more mature one in his marriage to Scarlett, then her dating Sean certainly gives way to the fact that she’s not thinking about a healthy, long-lasting relationship. Right now, it might be more about companionship and having someone totally infatuated with her more than anything else.

As for Sean, he’s no dummy. What man wouldn’t want to date Scarlett? However, aside from his talent, Sean smokes like a chimney, and appears in person like he hasn’t showered in months. (Trust me, I know. I’ve seen him out and about, and in order to save my lungs I run the other direction). Personally, I don’t get it. But Scarlett doesn’t care what I have to say, and truthfully, all that matters is her happiness. So if she feels she is healing by being with Sean, then I’m all for it. Just don’t expect to see a wedding a la Jim and Reese.