Exclusive 'Victorious' Clip! Watch Victoria Justice Perform 'Begging On Your Knees' (VIDEO)

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You'll have to wait until Saturday, April 2, to watch the newest episode of the hit Nick show Victorious -- but Celebuzz has an exlcusive sneak peek right here, right now!

In an episode that will air after the Kids' Choice Awards on Nickelodeon, Tori (Victoria Justice) is asked by the cutest guy in school to perform a duet at the Full Moon Jam, but she's having some reservations.

Tori is excited to perform the duet at first, but she then finds out he has a reputation. Is Tori just having trust issues, or is this guy bad news?

Check out the exclusive clip of Victoria performing her latest hit "Begging on Your Knees," from Saturday's episode below!

It looks like she'll have the last word on this one!

For the whole episode, don't forget to tune in Saturday night on Nickelodeon! Will you be watching? Let us know by hitting up our Twitter @CELEBUZZ or comment on our Facebook!



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  • emily

    attention people if you are going do a comment please say sweet and nice things about big time rush and victourious please. thank you for your attention people and remember you can come back and post a comment any time as long as its sweet and nice about btr and victorious thanks Emily!!!!

  • angelclari

    Yes!!! I Love It!! <3 xD

  • Brandon Jack
    Brandon Jack

    Miley ROCKS!

  • i

    VICTORIA JUSTICE is the HANNAH MONTANA of Nickelodeon. I just wish when her show's coming to an end, she wouldn't end up like Miley. I wish.

  • Brandon Jack
    Brandon Jack

    Victoria Justice Steals the SHOWCASE!!!! She has America "Begin on their knees" Counting down the seconds till her next episode airs!!!!!! Tory & her Friends ROCK! Hollywood Rocks...

  • epicfail037

    I am SO in. I love this show to death and know that Season 2 is going to rock even more than the first.