Giveaway Alert! 3 Copies of 'Big Time Rush' Season One DVD Up For Grabs!

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Do you love Nickelodeon's popular boy band Big Time Rush? Do you love their TV show of the same name even more? You're in luck, because Celebuzz is giving away not one, not two, but THREE copies of the first season of their hit show!

That's right, you can relive all your favorite James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena and Logan Henderson moments from season one over and over again! Whether it's the earlier "Big Time Audition," or the hilarious "Big Time Love Song," you can watch your favorite episodes whenever you want!

Wondering how you can get your hands on one of the DVDs?

Just leave us a comment with your fave BTR song! We'll pick a winner on Monday April 4. Don't forget to watch them perform LIVE at the Kids' Choice Awards this weekend on Nickelodeon! (Check your local listings) Also, don't forget to cast your vote for all things KCS!

Get started and good luck!

And if you need any inspiration, here's our fave BTR track:



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  • Christian F.
    Christian F.


  • Mim NIn
    Mim NIn

    I love btr and my favorite songs would have to b any kind of guy, stuck, music sounds better with you , show me, nothing even matters, worldwide, well all of them!!!!

  • Arielle Lazaro
    Arielle Lazaro

    My favourite song of theirs would have to be "The City is Ours" They all performed that song really well and everytime i listen to it, it makes me want to jump up and run around dancing and singing to it. :D

  • mauraroxanne

    I got an e-mail saying I won, but I can't reply to it? Every time I send the reply I get a mailer daemon. What do I do? ):

  • Maryleigh Wear
    Maryleigh Wear

    My favorite song is 'Til I forget About You because my boyfriend broke up with me just cause he found out I have a disability! I will never forget him though because he was my first love. I have a new boyfriend now but I still can't forget about him.

  • Laura

    My favorite song is Worldwide because I think is it such a wonderful ballad!

  • ashley

    i love boyfriend alot of girls and guys can relate to it

  • samantha

    my fav song is oh yeah by big time rush its mostly james but its cool...i dont just like it cuz of james i like all of them but carlos and logan the most the song is just awesome

  • Kezia

    fav song Boyfriend all the way with or without snopp dog lol ;)

  • Trevon Johnson
    Trevon Johnson

    my favorite song is "Oh Yeah"

  • Heather Sebastian
    Heather Sebastian

    Boyfriend! heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

  • liza

    favorit song Big Night and I know you know

  • TG

    I love the show's theme song--"Big Time Rush"!

  • liam

    Big night is so Awesome, its defnitely my favourite

  • james gregory
    james gregory

    Til i forget about you is the best song ever!

  • leora nates
    leora nates

    i love every song by Big Time Rush. I love Til i forget about you and stuck. but my favourite would be This is our someday. (The one which kendall sings in). Big Time Rush is the best.

  • Ji-Won

    My favorite song is "Stuck!" :)

  • M. Rogers
    M. Rogers

    This City is Ours.

  • Amanda

    My favorite BTR song Big Night!

  • Lttljay

    It has to be 'stuck' it it's stuck in my head all day long

  • mauraroxanne

    "Nothing Even Matters" is definitely my fave song.

  • Kate Popa
    Kate Popa

    it's a tough choice but i would have to say that my favorite song by Big Time Rush is "Big Time Rush" the theme song :)

  • Mary

    It's a hard choice but my favorite Big Time Rush song is 'I Know You Know'!

  • Francesca D'Andrea Coss
    Francesca D'Andrea Coss

    My Niece is 5 years old and loves EVERY song by your group BIG TIME RUSH but if she had to choose it would have to be "Boyfriend". She kisses the TV every time she sees you guys. It makes her day when she gets to watch you all. She would love this gift of a DVD from you.

  • Isabella2

    City is Ours!

  • Beatrice Ogeh
    Beatrice Ogeh

    My fave song would have to be Any Kind Of Guy because it shows the boys would change for a girl. I mean, how sweet is that?

  • Addison

    I love "City Is Ours" and "halfway there"!

  • Carianis

    My son is 4 years old and he is a big fan of Big Time Rush, he love the song "All I Want For Christmas" with his favorite girl "CARLY" and also he love and he Know the whole Show theme song "Big Time Rush" he sing that song all day.

  • phaothao

    "City Is Ours" is my favorite song!!!

  • Tamia

    My favorite song is Boyfriend!!!