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You asked, and Joe Zee answered!

On Tuesday, Celebuzz hosted a special Twitter-view with the fashion powerhouse and star of the Sundance channel’s latest show All On the Line, and he answered all your burning questions!

And in case you missed it, we’ve got you covered! Check out a full recap of the Twitter-view after the jump!

CELEBUZZ: Hey @SundanceChannel (Joe Zee), are you ready to be twitter-viewed???

JOE ZEE: SundanceChannel READY AND WAITING! RT @CELEBUZZ Hey @SundanceChannel (Joe Zee), are you ready to be twitterviewed???

CELEBUZZ: CELEBUZZ @SundanceChannel Great! First question. Who is your favorite Hollywood fashionista? – @JenCHaughton

JOE ZEE: SundanceChannel @CELEBUZZ @JenCHaughton How can I not say Elizabeth Taylor? She transcends it all…think Butterfield 8!! GIant!! A Place in the Sun!!

CELEBUZZ: @mrjoezee @SundanceChannel @CELEBUZZ Hi Joe! What is your all-time favorite fashion style? Please answer! xo #ZeeTwitterview

JOE ZEE: SundanceChannel @jaey0ungpark @mrjoezee @CELEBUZZ The 70’s!!! Sexy, fun and a constant party! How is that not good style??

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel What was the very first real job you ever landed in the fashion industry? – @_MeganJoy

JOE ZEE: SundanceChannel @CELEBUZZ @_MeganJoy Working in retail at Club Monaco at 16 in Toronto, but first mag job is Allure after I graduated from FIT.

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel What do you see as the biggest jewelry trend for spring? – @JewelDevotee

JOE ZEE: SundanceChannel @CELEBUZZ @JewelDevotee Graphic cuffs!!! Mixing silver and gold which I always love!

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel What’s one piece of advice you’d give to an aspiring designer/creative entrepreneur? – @stephanita

JOE ZEE: SundanceChannel @CELEBUZZ @stephanita Have a strong point of view. A strong vision will separate the good from the mediocre. Don’t follow.

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel Who was your favorite fashion icon in “The ELLEments of Style”? – @LauraHuntStyle

JOE ZEE: SundanceChannel @CELEBUZZ @LauraHuntStyle I always lean towards @msleamichele. I’ve loved her since seeing her in Spring Awakening and she’s so good in Glee

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel What is your favorite go-to spot in NYC? – @darafang

JOE ZEE: SundanceChannel @CELEBUZZ @darafang Le Bonbonniere, a greasy diner on Hudson and Broadway Dance Center to satisfy the inner performer in me.

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel What do you consider to be the a classic must have fashion item in every wardrobe?

JOE ZEE: SundanceChannel A Trenchcoat! RT @fayajo16 @CELEBUZZ @SundanceChannel What do you consider to be the a classic must have fashion item in every wardrobe?

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel What is on your bucket list? – @denisecasas

JOE ZEE: SundanceChannel @CELEBUZZ @denisecasas 2 weeks on safari in Africa. Dream vacation!!!

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel What’s the best degree 2 get 2 work in the Fashion
Mag biz? – @bonjourkitty

JOE ZEE: SundanceChannel @CELEBUZZ @bonjourkitty A journalism degree if you’re looking to be a writer but there are so many diff jobs that require diff skill sets

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel Did you always want to pursue television? How’s fashion & TV media similar & different? – @AshleyKalinske

JOE ZEE: @CELEBUZZ @AshleyKalinske I like to tell stories. I tell stories every month in a mag and I tell stories on tv. Both do it in ways that work

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel What is your favorite spring trend, and one you’d love to see leave? – @jagmeetsra

JOE ZEE: @CELEBUZZ @jagmeetsra I’m LOVING color right now from clothes to accessories but I’m done with Mandals, but that’s a personal preference! :)

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel What would you tell your 7 year old self about your future? – @melissavelia

JOE ZEE: @CELEBUZZ @melissavelia To not give up on a dream. To stay dedicated & passionate about what’s important to me. And to just let life unfold

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel What’s the biggest mistake you see aspiring designers make time and time again? – @amyorgel

JOE ZEE: @CELEBUZZ @amyorgel Being derivative of what they think is happening right now. You have to be original and true to who you are! And be careful to not overexpand! Most young designers want to expand too quickly: Start small and grow slow.

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel What do you consider your first big break? – @roxytheraptor

JOE ZEE: @CELEBUZZ @roxytheraptor Kevyn Aucoin, an incredible makeup artist, asked me – an asst – to style a photo shoot with Richard Avedon.

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel Do you think a career in fashion is possible without a fashion degree, and just experience? – @ashhdeno

JOE ZEE: @CELEBUZZ @ashhdeno It depends on what you want to do in fashion, but yes, anything is possible but a degree AND experience is best!

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel What’s the new style swag for the summer?!?! [email protected]

JOE ZEE: @CELEBUZZ @kodaknluvoop Hermes beach towel! Canon G11 camera! Flat sandals!

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel What was it like working with @WhitneyEvePort? [email protected]

JOE ZEE: @CELEBUZZ @WhitneyEvePort @Dubagee I LOVE WHITNEY! She was so passionate and so dedicated and always willing to listen and grow.

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel And this last one is from us. What should your fans be most excited to see on your new show “All On The Line”?

JOE ZEE: @CELEBUZZ All On The Line will be filled with fashion, fun, clothes, design, some fights, some tears and a whole lot of creativity.

JOE ZEE: Thanks @CELEBUZZ! Be sure to watch the premiere of my new show ALL ON THE LINE on Sundance Channel tonight at 10pm E/P!

CELEBUZZ: @SundanceChannel Thanks so much for chatting with us, Joe! Can’t wait for tonight’s premiere!!!!

Don’t forget to watch his show All on the Line Tuesdays at 10 PM on the Sundance Channel!