Chris Brown Brings Ratings, Drama to 'Dancing With the Stars' (VIDEO)


Chris Brown made his ABC comeback, so to speak, on Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday night only a week after his meltdown on Good Morning America.

The temperamental singer certainly has talent (although whether he’s lip syncing here we’ll allow you to ponder over in the comment section), but whether Brown should have still been invited on the show has been up for debate in the media and with DWTS cast members.

After watching his high-energy, back-flipping performance (which you can watch below), do you think ABC made the right move still having him on?

Tom Bergeron asked producers that he not have to interview Chris during the show, and Dancing stars Kirstie Alley and Wendy Williams apparently were not happy about Brown being there either.

Cheryl Burke stated openly yesterday: "As a victim of domestic violence, I don't agree with him coming on the show, but it's out of my control.”

But, in the end what really matters are the opinions of you viewers.

Having Chris perform certainly didn’t hurt the ratings.  In fact, the DWTS results show won the night in ABC's key demo and overall.

So, have to ask: Did you all tune in because you just really like the show? Or was watching Chris Brown (and a possible third freak out) too hard to pass up?

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  • DaveC

    How can anyone enjoy watching someone lip sync a song? Is he so bad live that he can't sing in public? What a joke... you tune in to watch him pretend to perform. Oh yeah, he's a woman beater too and that sux.

  • BiaAmI

    chris brown is a waste of space, who cares if he charming, HITLER was also a charming artist. Both have no soul or morals. Chris should go die for our country instead of make everyone look at his pathetic face. Like Cheryl, as a victim of domestic abuse I find it so sad that the world allows horrible soul-less people achieve greatness. But like HITLER society will also support chris brown. Its sad society allows these defective people to succeed.

  • kendra

    I only tuned in to see Chris perform, and he did an outstanding job!

  • Ann Okafor
    Ann Okafor

    I've never seen DWTS before until last night. I only watched because of Chris Brown. I'm not really fan, but I just want to see Chris get his life back in order. He has another album coming out this fall, which is great for his fans, but he still needs to correct his anger issues. If I were Chris, I would take two or three years off, let his fans miss him, and let his haters forget him.

  • SAT

    Cheryl who will screw anybody, Kristie who looks like a swollen cow and dope using Wendy who cares what you bitches think. Get a life and leave the man alone. I hope Wendy and Kristie gets voted off 1 behind the other. Cheryl days of winning is over with. DWTS is lame. If I watch it's only for the guest.

  • Marie

    Have we as a society gone MAD - he is a joke and not one to be watched or listened to ever. As I see it - ABC is telling our youth - don's worry about the anger and abuse this man has bestowed on others - we welcome him to our network with open arms. I could do a much better job with music - I heard a few bars before turning the channel - THAT IS NOT MUSIC! Good luck and goodbye ABC.

  • breezybabe

    Just to see him. I could care less about friggin DWTS. Couldn't even tell he was sick at the time. All this drama & negitivty needs to just end. Go #TeamBreezy!

  • Love Barton
    Love Barton

    Love Dwts but I chose not to watch last night. I'd rather watch something that didn't give pr to a man who beats a woman. Not acceptable.

  • shurnz

    I actually just watched to see chris perform DWTS isn't really my thing. sorry

  • 2cutie

    I loved his preform he was AMAZING!!!

  • J

    LAME. I love DWTS. Chris Brown only brought down morale.

  • 2cutie

    I loved his preform he was AMAZING!!


    I ONLY watched to see Chris perform. I think DWTS is a terrible show. Gr8 job, Chris!

  • Dani

    This was my first time really watching DWTS and I watched to see Chris Perform.

  • celebluver101

    He is a AMAZING singer!

  • h8terb1tch

    apprently @marcwar doesn't have HD or maybe "dope" means "really lip-syncing". he's a clown, his music is auto-tuned to death, i'd be surprised if he could write his own name let alone a "song"

  • kim

    i watched for cb, i dont even like dwts lol

  • lb

    Chris was AMAZING!!! He is the only reason why I watched the show.

  • Trac-e

    He did amazing!

  • marcwar

    watched it to see CB perform. the show itself is rather cheesy, IMO. Chris is dope! who cares what happened last week. he put on a gr8 show last nite and def helped the ratings.