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Taylor Momsen turns heads with her unconventional style, either performing on stage or just walking the streets. As lead singer of her band The Pretty Reckless, she's ditched her sweet innocent days of Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl and is ready to rock out!

The band's debut album, Light Me Up, hits the U.S. April 12th -- it's already been at #1 on UK's rock chart for six consecutive weeks. Now is your chance to get a SIGNED copy of the album!

Here's how to enter: What is your favorite Taylor Momsen edgy-inspired look? Tell us in comments section! Contest ends April 11th at 11:59 PT.

Momsen, who writes the songs along with her producer and guitarist, has released their latest single, "Just Tonight." Peep the video below: 



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  • ginakxxxx

    I love her style i love how she can rock any outfit out and the thigh highs and heels black eyes it so nice to see that she can be herself and not give a fuck what people think of what she wears and i think eveyone should be thereself

  • kate

    what i love about Taylor's style is that she can take anything and turn it into a rocking outfit . like for example when she took just a t-shirt and with the help of scissors, some stockings and a nice pair of hills, she dazzled the crowd!!!

  • Monina Camara
    Monina Camara

    I really liked the outfit she wore at MTV europe music awards 2010.Most of the artist that go there look all the same to me but Taylor stands out because she is simply herself and wears what she wants to wear and not what she is supposed to in order to fit in.She was simply stunning and a true rock icon.

  • Tonia VillainRat
    Tonia VillainRat

    My favorite outfit of hers must be the white studded dress/corset.She has worn it on several concerts including paris & carson while having her racoon eyes signature make up on.The black eye shadow is a contrast to her blonde hair and the outfit manages to combine rock and femininity.She's just doing her own thing and in my opinion it works out great (:

  • Su-Ann Chew
    Su-Ann Chew

    I love all her outfits, how she's unique and is not afraid to dress like that. I have a poster of her on my wall, my favourite outfit are her Calvin Klein Vintage black corset dress with her suspended intricate patterned tights. An edgy studded leather jacket completes her signature look. And also the stripper heels make her look more amazing, fashionable yet gothic. And let's not forget her black eyes, her signature look. :D

  • catherine

    Taylor with her natural beauty and style has managed to created her own personal style.personally i am captured by the mystery that exists in her appearance and i admire that she sticks and support her decisions . in general , i believe that she is the rock icon of this generation , she gave leather jackets their rightful position along with lingerie...

  • saaa07

    taylors style is just plain awesome, so it's hard to decide which is someones favorite, but her rockish outfits are so cool and i love how she doesnt care what people think about her clothes. She inspired me so much to the point where now I dont care what people think of my clothes or what I wear :)... love you taylor! and I hope I win your CD ... youre such an inspiration in my life and wow youre awesome..... as one of your biggest fans I have to say ALL of your outfits are awesome :)

  • Debby

    My favourite was Taylor's floor-length black and white dresses in the Just Tonight music video. It was a departure from her corsets and lingerie (not that I mind them, but it was nice to see a change for this video) and the dresses were really beautiful. They looked like there were feathers all over them. I love how the white dress made her look heavenly, while the black one reflected her rocker style in a classic, glamourous way. Above all she just looked so gorgeous in them! My favourite Taylor edgy-yet-innocent-inspired fashion moment, unforgettable! :)

  • saaa07

    I love the outfit she wore recently at the Kids Choice Awards! She looked amazing! Her heels were so original and I would totally wear them! Her outfit in general was original, and that’s what makes her such an awesome celebrity. I really loved her necklace since it went perfectly with her black jacket and the white top. Honestly this outfit was hot especially since she didn’t even care what others thought about how she looked. I think this was one of her most awesome outfits and I loved her eyes! They were amazing! I love how she said she doesn’t use much eyeliner but she actually uses black eye shadow. Anyways, long story short, Taylor’s outfit was amazing and she looked gorgeous in it as she usually does!

  • Erika

    I love the nude dress she wore in the miss nothing video!..i hope i win!

  • dearsweetpea

    Her black leather jacket, white tee, and black military boots, with matching shaggy blonde do' and pitch black eyeliner just screams how effin cool she is as a fashion icon and artist. Also, she can rock some sweet aviators sunglasses. <3

  • Heather Overstreet
    Heather Overstreet

    I like when she layers on the eye make up. It really suits her. I like that she doesn't go overboard and put on black lipstick. She kinda fine tunes the typical dark look to how she likes it and it doesn't seem fake. As far as clothes.. I like her best in corsets; red with black stockings, heels/boots. Her black platforms with stiletto heels are my favourite.

  • Diana

    I saw her performance in Austin, TX and she wore the beige corset w/ the studs. She looked great! It's her signature look.

  • Racheal Nelson-Fuster
    Racheal Nelson-Fuster

    i like the fact that she wears corsets and lingerie and lets not forget her stripper heels beautiful. But i guess it is the stockings and eyeliner that add to the look because without them she is not as edgy and rock chick. Its adds something to the whole inspired look very sexy x

  • Louise Swinburne
    Louise Swinburne

    I like her red corset and heels, she always looks amazing though.

  • Nicole Glambert
    Nicole Glambert

    I love when Taylor wears lots of eyeliner! It looks sexy! <3<3<3

  • Mike Lanzett
    Mike Lanzett

    the look she had at her NYC show on march 2nd was pretty hot ! =D

  • Louise Furey
    Louise Furey

    I adore most of her looks, but the creamy lingerie dress is just exceptional, the one with the gold studs.

  • Tayler Murphy
    Tayler Murphy

    OMG, i love her gothic inspired outfits, when she wears the chains, and studs, and the great leather jackets, and her super high platforms!!!!

  • William Stanley
    William Stanley

    Def her black on black lingerie and stockings with boots look! shes amazing!


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