Prince Harry Begins Arctic Adventure

Will & Kate's Courtship
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In just 30 days, Prince Harry’s brother Prince William will wed Kate Middleton, but that’s not stopping the 26-year-old royal from enduring some potentially risky stunts and weather conditions. 

The red-headed hottie was snapped in the North Pole wearing an orange jumpsuit and training for a 22-day, 200-mile, highly dangerous expedition in support of (and to raise money for) soldiers who’ve been injured in the war.  

 However, between diving into ice cold waters and scaling up mountains, he managed to chat with “Good Morning America” about his brother’s upcoming nuptials and what’s he’s planning to say on the big day.  When asked if he was preparing for the wedding, the best man said,

“Writing a speech while I’m stuck in a tent in minus-14 [degree weather] ? …. If there’s time, then yeah. … I might give it some thought.” 

Harry added that his main focus is on the men he’s training with and that he’ll give it more thought when he returns home.

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