Robert Pattinson's New Costar Sarah Gadon Is No Threat To Kristen Stewart


Robert Pattinson’s new Cosmopolis costar, Sarah Gadon, was announced this week and speculation has already started as to how she could affect Rob’s relationship with girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

Sarah is pretty, no doubt, but is she really a threat to the Twilight couple’s relationship? Celebuzz staffers give a collective yeah right! Friends of the up-and-coming actress seem to agree. Sources close to Gadon tell E! News that Sarah is already “taken” and is truly a “sweet girl.”

“She’s so not like that,” a pal told Ted Casablanca.

Is everyone forgetting Rob is so not like that either?

As if you didn’t already think Pattinson was a total sweetheart, just yesterday he melted our hearts by telling Italian Vanity Fair that he “doesn’t understand why people cheat.”

While you may not get Rob discussing his relationship with Kristen Stewart (“my private life is off-limit” he said earlier this week), Pattinson did reveal he is not one for “short and superficial love affairs” or “casual relationships.”

Well, there is nothing casual about Rob and Kristen’s relationship. Just because R.Pattz has a female costar (and there are sure to be many more in his future) there is no need to worry Twi-hards.

A restaurant source at Rockwell’s in Squamish, BC, where Breaking Dawn is currently being filmed confirmed to Celebuzz that Rob and Kristen were in attendance at a private cast dinner there earlier this week.

“They were in with a group of people and have come in before,” a restaurant source confirms. “Rob and Kristen are a very polite couple.”

While our employee source stayed mum on details to “respect their privacy,” tweeters at the restaurant say Pattinson and Stewart were kissing throughout dinner.

We're inclined to believe them!

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  • Uou

    and you?

  • Steff17

    oh come on!! grow up people, is just work!!

  • Anon

    You mean like you?

  • edwardbella2

    if they r together its great bcz they form a perfect couple.And as rob said he is a one-woman man so it will be only one if he had and if he do has he should be given privacy in his life as it is his right.

  • edwardbella2

    if they r together its great bcz they form a perfect couple.And as rob said he is a one-woman man so it will be only one if he had and if he do has he should be given privacy in his life as it is his right.

  • Fran

    Omg how do you know that!? Gosh maybe you are like Rob's best friend! People, please don't be stupid and write things as our "romanticfool" did. Who cares if Rob is with Kristen? She may be the best person in the whole world, you'll never know that. Only because she is not the common celebrity everybody hates her. Don't be as ignorant as some persons to comment about others relashionships without even knowing.

  • LoveRobsten

    I'm glad that they're letting our fave couple have some privacy on what's left of the 'Twilight' Saga. I'm sad it's coming to and end, but looking forward to more films and couple news about them, Grazie Taryn for another GREAT post. You're doing great here at Celebuzz !

  • crizo

    romanticfool who are you to tak=lk bad about Kristen? to me you are a fool, jealous, mean,a person who should go hide under a rock because i think you must be ugly as hell and try to relieve yourself by talking bad about the most beautifull girl in that buzines[movies] she is very much a woman with grace,beauttyand talenttake a good look at her and go cry like crazy because you will never look like her got it? go Kristen

  • BB

    Ohhh that sounds extreme hatred! Are you sure of all these? Do you have 100% proofs against all these accusations to Kristen Stewart, or purely misinterpretations? Are you that close to her and her family and friends that you know everything about her and what she thinks? hmmm...For sure, Kristen is not perfect, just like all of us, making some unpretentious acts in front of the public and media. Maybe, she is just too honest to herself that she doesn´t want to feed the public´s fantasy just to satisfy the PR machinery...And where are these other better actors you´ve mentioned? They must have had many die-hard fans and blockbuster movies, too, like Twilight has. Hmmm...

  • romanticfool

    Look on You Tube for this title: "Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning at sundance 2010 - It Was Cool Kissing Dakota " There are dozens more videos and many have been removed to cover up for her antics when she is not pretending to be slightly feminine. I simply don't understand why this girl gets away with her unprofessional conduct when she is the star of a teen supported movie. She is not just controversial in her interviews and videos, she is crude and hostile. This punk is making millions off teens and she can't pretend to be slightly appreciative, gracious, nice, admirable, a role model and civil/ Why do we have this showmance shoved down our throats 24/7. Rob was so much cooler before he got tied at the hip to this dope. If a 20 year old male had eluded to a sexual relationship with a 15 year old girl like Kristen did in several interviews about Dakota, they would have been arrested. Why the double standard? Her inappropriate relationship with Dakota and kissing, cuddling and holding hands with Nikki Reed created bad pr. Kristen ruined the movies with her bad pr, bad acting and the need for a created showmance. She also negatively affected Rob's image. This incredibly vulgar, classless, unappreciative, untalented, combative, pot head punk girl needs to stay away from the public. She is the worst role model ever and yet she gets a pass and undeserved awards due to the Twilight fans and her parents' connections in the industry. Dozens of actors are more talented, nicer, clean and sober and better looking.

  • Eris

    Lol! Rob's body in those pictures...he's stiff as a bored. Must not have been that passionate of a kiss for him. Or he's just confused that a lesbian is kissing him....

  • Adie

    @romanticfool LMAO!! I honestly have no words..especially about your second comment.Uh I'm just gonna say keep believing it if it helps you sleep better at night :/ Plus I would like add that is article is better then the idiotic one which was posted at AT

  • visha

    huh...............thanks lord..:-)

  • romanticfool

    It does not matter about her personal lifestyle. What is wrong is the cover up and how hostile, rude, crude and nasty she has been to the fans, in public and in print. She has caused so much bad pr for Summit and has conducted herself unprofessionally with the foul language in print and video, giving the finger, insulting the fans and acting like an ungrateful punk. There is no way Rob is more than a friend. He has said that over and over but the lies continue.

  • romanticfool

    Celebuzz you know this is not true. Kristen and Rob staged this photo op to keep all the little twi heads happy. Celebuzz even posted a gallery here asking which female Kristen should date next. You may be on the payroll for Summit to help spread this bull but it does not mean that it is right. Rob should have his life back and not have to keep covering for Kristen. Here is the page your staff put up last year about Kristen. EVERYBODY knows. Stop the bull.

  • noah

    His new costar is super pale, just like Robert Pattinson. I'm not sure if the whole "opposites attract" rule applies to lack of skin pigment. Either way, he'll probably be too drunk on set to properly hit on her.

  • lollysgirl

    I like this new Celebuzz, Taryn!