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Want to know who got booted off Dancing with the Stars this week? Find out which celeb was forced to pack up their dancing shoes after the jump.

Mike Catherwood the KROQ radio host who is better known by his on-air handle, “Psycho Mike,” was sent home by America after scoring the lowest combined scores for his first and second week dances. (No celebs were sent home for the first week of dances.)

Mike, who was partnered up with Lacey Shwimmer, danced a jive number on Monday night and tied with Wendy Williams (who, interestingly enough, got her start as a radio host) with a low score of 17. However, Mike scored the lowest two-week total with a combined score of 30.

“It sucks to be sent home first!” Catherwood said. However, he admitted that DWTS had been a “pleasurable experience” and that Lacey is “equally if not more beautiful on the inside.”

Watch Mike’s dance from Monday night below.

While he wasn’t exactly as nimble as Kirstie Alley on the dancefloor, he did improve quite a bit from his first week’s dance.

Watch Mike’s first week dance below.

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