Did Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez End Their Feud?

Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato Hug

Good news for Delena fans: Disney stars (and former BFFs) Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have apparently mended their troubled friendship.

The friends nearly tore the tweener world apart when their close friendship unraveled in early 2009 but the two have become friendly again since Demi was released from treatment late last year and they have even started tweeting sweet photos of themselves hanging out. Are these two former besties really back to being friends?

It sure looks like it! Last week, Selena tweeted a photo of her and Demi hugging at a restaurant. "Fun dinner with Selena," Demi commented on the photo, adding a smiley emoticon.

The pair reportedly rekindled their friendship during Demi's three-month stay at an in-patient treatment center last year. Selena allegedly reached out to her former pal while Demi was in treatment, sparking the pair's reunion. Selena hinted that she was once again friendly with Demi when she referred to her as her "best friend" in an interview shortly after Demi left rehab.

The friends ended their close friendship in 2009, allegedly because Demi was jealous of Selena hanging out with country sweetie Taylor Swift. Selena and Taylor bonded after the both dated Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner and Demi may or may not have felt a little left out of the pair's new friendship.

Sources tell Celebuzz that most of the troubled friendship rested on Demi feeling ignored by Selena – particularly as SelGo's star rose last year. Our source tells us that the Sonny with a Chance star was open to the idea of rekindling her friendship with Selena in the summer of 2010 but felt that she shouldn't have to make the first move.

Our source explains that Demi seemed bitter that Selena wasn't reaching out to her to hang out like they used to. "She seemed kind of weird about the situation," our source adds.

Demi and Selena became fast friends when they met on the set of Barney nearly 12 years ago. The pair were homeschooled together as they entered the Disney star fast-track and they co-starred in their own movie (The Princess Protection Program) together. The friends would even make silly vlogs together on YouTube. Check out one early video below.   The 18-year-old Demi canceled her South American tour with the Jonas Brothers and checked herself into an undisclosed treatment center in late October. Demi was reportedly in treatment for issues with self-harm and an eating disorder. After she got out of rehab Demi got two wrist tattoos which read "Stay Strong." Check out the photos below.

Whatever their past history, it looks like these two stars are picking up where they left off and enjoying their time together!

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  • leidiane nunes barreto
    leidiane nunes barreto

    io tais bem* queria tiadoro muito voçer*

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    test code de la route

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  • Nargiz M-a
    Nargiz M-a

    demi love ans selena like

  • Kaitmariee

    That doesn't make any sense. Why would you not be friends with someone until after they're better? Friends are important when trying to recover from things like self harm and eating disorders.

  • Azeri girl
    Azeri girl

    l love demi and selena

  • Llllaauren

    I think Demi just wants attention. Idk what happened, I guess she's trying to get rid if her Disney reputation. She's not the best role model; I sure as heck don't want my babes looking up to her. Peace.

  • demi and selena fan
    demi and selena fan

    i love demi and selena

  • aj

    i'm happy they're on good terms again. life is too short to hold grudges and grudges take too much energy to maintain.

  • SelenaGomez^_^

    i've noticed Demi wants all the attention and doesn't let Selena finish whatever shes saying in the video.. and also their friendship ended just because Selena Gomez is bonding with Taylor Swift MORE than Demi? Really.. lmfao.

  • Shubham Yadav
    Shubham Yadav

    i love both of them!!!!!!!!

  • lexilove

    omg their def better without being friends. i like selena with taylor swift and demi with miley cyrus better. demi and miley look so happy as friends as do selena and taylor so yea thats my opinion XD so i hope they didnt end their fued i hate selena gomez but i love demi lovato so dont be friends plzzzzzz demi miley is a better bff any day plzzzzz

  • dina

    i love demi lavato with selena gomez together

  • Jeff Ting
    Jeff Ting

    Michelle Ulschak, you're statement is so stupid that it's not even funny. Please, do the world a favor and stop breeding. Spare us any future ignorant offspring that you might produce.

  • Michelle Ulschak
    Michelle Ulschak

    this is my oppinion they dont need to be friends untill demi is totally cured 4 good

  • noah

    g) Justin Bieber made her do it.

  • monicabianca0703

    I don't care what other people say,, I'm just happy that they're back being BFFs again,. :D

  • kidsathomeallday

    :) BFF

  • happyasme

    me too.

  • Aneles Zemog
    Aneles Zemog

    There are many speculations why the two had separated a) Jonas Brothers? b) Consumption of alcohol by Demi? c) drug use by Demi? d) Self-injury of Demi? e) Tattoos? f) maybe wanted Selena no longer with Demi dispute? After the Motto: rather be a terrible end than terror without end. Selena can be silent as the grave, we have already seen, when discussing her friendship with Justin Bieber - why do we think Selena says something about friendship issues with Demi? We'll probably never know.

  • rainbowpanda

    i remember those vids i like sel n taylor better