Eyes Up Here! 'Mad Men' Vixen Christina Hendricks Busts Out the Cleavage (PHOTOS)

If you got it, flaunt it! That's what Mad Men star Christina Hendricks' cleavage-baring, curve-hugging outfit was saying when she stepped out at an event for designer Vivienne Westwood in Los Angeles.

Hendricks' husband Geoffrey Arend was the envy of many men Wednesday night as the red hot actress posed in a super low-cut corset, black capri slacks and a pair of black pumps. 

News broke this week that Hendricks' award-winning AMC show Mad Men won't be returning for another season until 2012, leaving fans up in arms! There's also rumors swirling that the all-star cast might face some layoffs.

Who would you cut from the show? Get in on the conversation @celebuzz.



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  • Jack Easton
    Jack Easton

    Christina Hendricks is so beautiful and voluptuous. This stunningly gorgeous and curvaceous young woman is pure American perfection.

  • Marcelina

    Her boobs are so huge! I’m pretty sure she could smother a man to death between those boobs. It would be one of the most pleasant deaths a man could die.

  • Savage

    ALL WOMAN? Sorry...she definitely has implants.

  • BayouMan

    Too bad they didn't pick her to play Wonder Woman. She's have rocked ANY costume.

  • Billy Idler
    Billy Idler

    Christina is ALL WOMAN! It is just so sad we won't get to see her as Joanie for nearly a year - boo :(