Fashion Time Warp! Beyonce Gets Jersey Girl Makeover (PHOTOS)

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Someone call the fashion police! Beyonce Knowles' style has gone from tasteful to tacky.

Posing at a motel in New Jersey, the fierce pop star sported a blue jumpsuit, a burgundy feather coat and dark brown lipstick. Her eyebrows were also dyed blonde to compliment her wig. 

The pics surfaced of Beyonce, 29, just days after it was announced that she dropped her father Matthew Knowles as her manager. The singer/actress was adamant that the two parted on good terms, saying in a statement:

"He is my father for life and I love my dad dearly."
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  • venisa

    nice look,just roll,

  • George

    Wow. I knew, like, 4 of these people!

  • Jen

    If that IS Beyonce, then she's spent some serious time under the knife. She's looking a little Tyra Banks-y.

  • Rover

    Cheap and slutty. I like it.

  • Lenz

    wow. its a photo shoot. i love how they make such a big deal over a look. #movingon

  • isis

    dont look like her self any more look like a drag queen too much of the knife

  • kellyfan

    chhhyyy beyonce keri already did know pretty girl rockin and all..............sit the F**K DOWN!

  • some1

    drag queen

  • ttban

    Beyoncés new look is fierce she's comming as a rock star this time. luv it, suck that biatches the queen's back

  • vpopadiuc87

    Beyonce will look hot not matter what era she is in or dressing like.