Sober Lindsay Lohan Falls in NYC: Blame the Heels! (PHOTOS)

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Lindsay Lohan was spotted (get it, spotted?) out in New York City on Wednesday night looking pretty fantastic, despite a bit of a balance mishap! The former party girl was dining at Prime KO in NYC with sister Ali and brother Michael, and appeared to keep it tame, until she literally stumbled and fell onto the sidewalk later in the evening thanks to her sky-high stilettos. LiLo may have escaped jailtime so far for her pending felony theft trial, but she didn’t escape the pavement on Wednesday night. Yes, Lohan took a dive outside of The Cabin Down Below bar in the wee hours of this morning. Let's give her the benefit of the doubt and say it was solely shoe-related, as she laughed her stumble off and seemed to be clear-eyed and having a blast.

She even took to Twitter on Thursday to clarify the incident, saying: "funny how making a joke can turn into.... well, me falling and a story.. #twisted."

Who doesn't fall in gigantic stilettos while walking on uneven NYC sidewalks?

Fall aside, don’t you think Linds looks better than she has in a while? She looks refreshed and happy after a night of hanging with close friends back home.

Check out more pics of LiLo looking happy, healthy, and slightly unstable last night in New York!


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  • concerned parent
    concerned parent

    question for Dina Lohan what are your underage children doing at a bar at 230a?

  • \2bad

    she looks like she is 40 years old in these pictures. hard party, hard living, hard on her.

  • targetedindividual

    Watch a Pre-January 8th copy of Inception. Listen closely when the actors say imagine, reality, and safe, or point pistols. You'll hear the words, Loughner, offin' her, part of the word Giffords, and much more. Some even say they hear, do it.

  • snidleywhiplash

    Who cares what a 2bit Ho does if this is what America looks at they are sick. What about our men in uniform, not some slut who is a has been.

  • sophie1986

    Guys, relax. She was simply hanging out outside a bar, swapping jokes and making sure the sidewalk still smells like hobo urine. That’s all. Or maybe she lost her contact and had to pick it up off a New York City sidewalk with her nose.

  • Drug Counselor
    Drug Counselor

    Bad habits still exist, staying out late gets you what? Trouble, especially for an alcohol/drug abuser. I guess her mother and the rest are enablers because she has the cash or booty. Will she be worth more dead than alive like MJ or LT? Doubt it because she is worth zero now, at thebox office, video rentals and movies on demand. Check out stats on that she is flat lined.

  • Peaceman300

    This is such a memorable photo in the scrapbook of her life she should really look at this and think "This is a lot better than rehab!" And hopefully the Lindsay Lohan we all knew and adored will come back. (:

  • Genna

    Q: "Who doesn’t fall in gigantic stilettos while walking on uneven NYC sidewalks?" A: Sarah Jessica Parker!

  • nobahdi

    are you joking. of course it is. this is celebuzz!!!

  • cwebb

    is that someone famous?

  • Billy Idler
    Billy Idler

    Ack! Poor Lilo just can't seem to catch a break these days. But she did look great in those shoes - so the wipeout was TOTALLY worth it.


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