Celebrity Prom Pics! Britney Spears, Sandra Bullock & More! (PHOTOS)

Brit's Wildest Fashions
Check out Spears' wackiest looks!
Prom is arguably one of the biggest nights of any high-schooler’s life, and believe it or not, at one point even celebrities were teenagers who just wanted to have some good old fashioned fun during this sacred right of passage.

From stars like Food Network’s Paula Deen (who looks like she’s channeling her inner-Jackie O.) to mega-star Britney Spears, Oscar winner Halle Berry and many more, Celebuzz has assembled a gallery of celebrity prom pics that are sure to keep you clicking. As prom season approaches in the coming months, maybe you want to do a bit of a tribute to some of your favorite celebs’ get-ups for the big night. Sure, the fashion might have gotten a bit dated, but at least you’ll be original!

Another reason to click through … to see the lucky guys and gals who wound up at prom with some of today’s biggest celebrities. That’s some serious bragging rights for the rest of their lives!

Check out the (kind of) embarrassing photos from their past!