Elton John Rips the 'Glee' Haters on 'Jimmy Fallon' (VIDEO)

With the recent spate of celebrities and musicians lashing out against the good-hearted musical tendencies of Glee, one of pop music's most outspoken people has finally come to its defense.

Elton John dropped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night and when the conversation turned to how everyone from Dave Grohl to SNL alum Victoria Jackson have bashed the hit show, Elton let loose with one of his signature snark bombs: "Lighten up, you a--holes" he said.

"It's a compliment when someone records or does one of your songs. It doesn't matter if it's a bad version, it's just a compliment, so I've never lost that thrill," John said.

He went on to single out one band in particular: "Kings of Leon, lighten up guys. Come on."

The Kings of Leon had a particularly nasty battle with the show's creator, Ryan Murphy, following their diss of the show. The two camps went back and forth in a snippy Twitter and quote war, while recently SNL actress Victoria Jackson bashed the show's homosexual relationships.


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  • Such Is Life
    Such Is Life

    Uhm, NO ONE even said that, Ryan Murphy is a fricking diva who runs a show that is basically Kidz Bop with a non-coherent story to tie things together as if they are somehow meant to make sense.

  • Rach

    Look who's talking! A few people decide not to jump on the Glee bandwagon, and Elton gets offended? ELTON, LIGHTEN THE HELL UP YOURSELF. Not everyone has to do the 'latest' show. I like Elton's music, but he is seriously turning into one of the snarkiest people...

  • Demetrius

    There's a difference between, "No, you may not use my song" and "No, you may not use my song, and f- your show." I'm sorry but, THAT is not cool. I'm with Elton on this one. Lighten up.

  • Moses Ashford
    Moses Ashford

    Elton, how about finally growing a pair of balls and telling Ryan Murphy to lighten up since he instigated this and provoked everyone into criticising Glee with the following quote: “F— you, Kings of Leon. They’re self-centered a—holes, and they missed the big picture. They missed that a 7-year-old kid can see someone close to their age singing a Kings Of Leon song, which will maybe make them want to join a glee club or pick up a musical instrument. It’s like, OK, hate on arts education. You can make fun of Glee all you want, but at its heart, what we really do is turn kids on to music.”


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