Khloe Kardashian Hacked On Twitter! Who’s To Blame?

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OMG! Khloe Kardashian was twitter hacked! Lucky for one of Celebuzz’s favorite starlets, it was all in good fun. The hacker changed Khlo’s default pic to the gorilla above and gave lots of TMI tweets and asked some hard hitting questions:

“My poops are in the shape of K’s”

“If no one was there to hear me queef, did it really exist?”

“Sometimes I make Lam-Lam pretend my boobies are basketballs. I paint them orange and ask him to dribble them.”

LOL! Well, we know who the hacker is…

It was Nicole Richie with a dash of Kim Kardashian! Lucky for Nicole, Khlo thought the tweets were pretty hysterical saying, “I am literally crying at these tweets!!!”

One of our personal favorites? When Nicole tweeted this picture and said:

“EXCLUSIVE!!! NEW promo pic of me & Lamar! Who is keeping up with who now!?!”

Of course, Khloe was quick to turn the prank on Kim and hacked in to share some of “Kim’s” deepest secrets.

“I am so over Kris Hump!!! This is my new man!!!!!”

You three girls are too funny! To see some of Khlo’s witty banter be sure to check out the premiere of  Khloe & Lamar April 10t at 10 pm on E!.