Kim and Kourtney Kardashian React to Their ‘SNL’ Impersonators (VIDEO)

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It’s April Fool’s Day and Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are proving that they can take a joke. 

When asked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show how they felt about Saturday Night Live cast members spoofing their personas, Kourtney said she felt it was all in good fun … but they could do a little more research, saying of the spoof: 

“It’s an honor for them to do the sketches, but I feel that they don’t watch our show or something. … I feel like they could do better. I’m like challenging them to get it better. … I feel it’s like what people would think of us if they didn’t watch our show. … They just don’t have it right.”

Ellen suggested they go on SNL and show them how it’s done, but Kim laughed and said she’d be “too nervous.” Would you like to see the Kardashians host “SNL”? Get in on the conversation @celebuzz.