Mila Kunis Needs a Double Dose of Caffeine (PHOTOS)

Mila Hits the Oscars
Kunis looks stunning on the big night.
Sometimes, one cup of coffee just isn’t enough to get the day going, or perhaps in Mila Kunis ‘ case, there’s a friend in need of a java fix as well.

Miss Kunis was spotted out and about in Los Angeles double-fisting two iced drinks from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on what turned out to be an unusually hot day in the City of Angels. Mila showed her Los Angeles pride by sporting a white Dodgers hat and kept cool thanks to a gray tank top.

Aside from her own ever-expanding filmography, Kunis has been talking about last year’s film Black Swan a bit recently, as she addressed claims that her Oscar-winning co-star Natalie Portman may have frequently used a body double during intense dance scenes. Kunis slammed the reports, telling Entertainment Weekly: “Natalie danced her a– off … I think it’s unfortunate that this is coming out and taking attention away from [the praise] Natalie deserved and got …She’ll tell you [that], no, she was not on pointe when she did a fouetté [turn]. No one’s going to deny that. But she did do every ounce of every one of her dances.”

Watch Natalie’s famous Swan dance with her soon-to-be husband, Benjamin Millepied:

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