Exclusive: ‘Big Time Rush’ Star Tanya Chisholm Chats About the BTR Boys & the KCAs

Big Time Rush Rock Out
The popular boy band performs a concert in LA.
Big Time Rush, a comedy about a group of Minnesota hockey players who head to LA to fufill their dreams of making it in the music biz, is easily one of the hottest show’s on Nickelodeon. Celebuzz sat down for an exclusive interview with one of its stars!

Tanya Chisholm plays level-headed assistant Kelly Wainwright, who is the right hand woman to Rocque Record exec Gustavo Rocque. Her main job seems to be getting the guys — played by James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena and Logan Henderson — out of (hilarious) binds.

We asked the actress about everything from tonight’s Kids’ Choice Awards to her fave BTR song! See what else Tanya had to say after the jump:

Are you going to the kid’s choice awards this weekend?
Ya, I am so excited!

Who are you excited to see?
Well, obviously I am excited to see Big Time Rush perform. Of course, I see them perform all the time, but this is different with all the pyro technics. I am also very excited to see Black Eyed Peas. You never know who will be there, so I’m just excited for the surprises. Last year, I was on the carpet and people kept screaming, Tyra, Tyra and I figured people just got my name wrong but then I turned around and Tyra Banks was right next to me and it all made sense. Yea, no one was rooting for me.

Can you tell us about the audition process and how you came to be on the show?
Well, the audition process was pretty chill because originally the character of Kelly was just going to be a recurring one — which means I didn’t have to take all the steps that a real audition for a starring role would have to take. I only had two auditions, so it was a lot less of a pressure situation. It was cool. It was one scene with Gustavo, the guy who plays my boss, but it was the perfect scene that sums up Kelly because he’s screaming at her and she’s simply saying, ‘fine I will quit’ but then he says, ‘no, no!’  … It was a quick scene, but everything in it sums up our relationship so it was cool. It is always cool to audition for Nick because you have license to be as wacky and funny as you want, so it was a fun process.

What’s the vibe like on set? Do the guys play lots of jokes?
  Oh my gosh, it’s a constant joke fest! All the guys are hilarious, no one is serious. Everyone plays practical jokes on one another! We get yelled at a lot. [Laughs]

What ways are you similar to your character, Kelly the VP of Roque Records?
I would say that… Kelly is very responsible and I would say that I am too. She is the coordinator and I am very much like that too. I make lists, and make sure that the things I need to do get done. So, in the organizational sense, we are similar. But she also has a wacky streak too and I definitely do too. The way Kelly dresses, I really like it, it’s a lot more office friendly than I would usually wear. The wardrobe department had me wearing outfits that were made for older people but I said, no, Kelly is 24 and works at a record company so she needs to dress her age.

How are you different from her?
Well, I’m not running a company on my own and also I think I am a little less “matter of fact.” There are moments when Kelly joins the boys in their pranks but it doesn’t happen very often, she’s more serious. For me though, I would more likely be the one messing around.

What’s your favorite episode of Big Time Rush?
Oh, that’s such a hard question! There are episodes I like as a whole, but then there are episodes with scenes in which I really had fun acting in. So it’s hard to say, but I really like the one that just came out, Big Time Reality TV show – I thought that that one was just such a funny concept and so modern, it’s happening now, so I thought that was just cool and funny. I also liked Big Time Fever where the boys get Hollywood Fever and James is addicted to spray tanning, it’s so funny! To this day in my phone James is called “Orange James.”

What’s your favorite Big Time Rush song?
Oh my gosh, okay, I really like “World Wide.” I cannot pick one! I also like “Boyfriend,” but that one grew on me because I didn’t like that one as much at first … it might be the one their singing at the KCA’s but I’m not sure. I love listening to “Big May” when I am getting ready to go out. I like it all, but I think those are my three favorites. It’s so hard to choose because each song has a different part where I think, ‘Oh James sounds so good’ in that part, and that is my favorite part for him! It’s cool when you know the people who are singing the songs!

You’ve had some cool guest stars like Russell Brand and Snoop Dogg; what guest stars would you love to have on the show?
I would definitely have to go with David Cross — he played Tobius on Arrested Development. And yea, we already had Ed Bagley Jr., who is also on Arrested Development. That is my favorite show, so everyone on that show could guest star! Michael Sarah… but Tobius is my favorite character. But oh man, I would love to have Snoop Dogg on the show again!

What was it like working with Snoop Dogg?
He was so nice! I didn’t expect him to be a jerk or anything, but he was so personable and he brought a camera to set because his daughter is a big fan of the show. I was like, ‘can I take a picture with you’ and he was like, ‘yeah, but only if you take a picture with me’ It was really cool. And then he did a piece in the Boy’s “Boyfriend” song … that wasn’t really planned so that was pretty cool. In between takes, Snoop would be rapping and one of the boys would be playing the drums and another would play another instrument — because the boys are all classically trained. It was pretty cool! I would love it if Snoop Dogg came back.

What was Russell Brand like?
To be honest, that episode — it’s different the way that they schedule things — he wasn’t really part of my story line, so I only got to film with him on the very last day of shooting. I only really got to meet him, I never really got to work with him, but everyone else said he was really cool and I thought he would be because he is hilarious. I would love to work with him again because I am actually a big fan of his comedic work.

What show other Nickelodeon show would you want to do a cross-over with?
  Hm, I don’t know! I guess the easy thing would be iCarly but I’m not sure. I don’t know, it would be cool but … maybe something on a different network! I always thought it would be funny if we did a Star Wars themed Big Time Rush or Big Time Babies – where all of us are the baby versions of ourselves.

If you had to use one word to describe each of the guys of Big Time Rush what would it be?
Kendall — Cool, James — Pretty, Carlos — Unpredictable, Logan — Hilarious.

Don’t miss Big Time Rush perform at the Kids’ Choice Awards airing on Nickelodeon tonight, April 2!