Taylor Momsen and Her Scowl Hit the 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards (PHOTOS)

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You won't believe what she said!
Taylor Momsen changed up her normal routine on Saturday night for the 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards by wearing actual pants … and also her trademark scowl.

Momsen made it clear the second she arrived to the awards show that she was not going to get all teeny-fied for the event, rocking her normal raccoon-eyed makeup with a black leather jacket and huge extensions in her hair. As photographers snapped away, there was barely a trace of a smile on the rebellious actresses face.

Taylor has recently been criss-crossing the nation with her band, The Pretty Reckless. Her status on Gossip Girl is still to be determined, but her music career is surely keeping Taylor busy in the meantime. Momsen and her bandmates were supposed to be traveling to Japan this weekend to perform a few concerts, but their plans had to be altered due to the earthquake and tsunami there.