The Meet & Greet: Mandy Rain Reveals Justin Bieber’s Prankster Ways

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Meet Mandy Rain — she’s an actress, pop singer and songwriter, who you may recognize as the lead singer of the all-girl group School Gyrls (which was created by Nick Cannon’s production company). Mandy also starred in both School Gyrl movies on Nickelodeon. Now she has her own radio show with Rick Dees son, Kevin Dees and she’s working on her first solo album. What’s more — she almost shared a kiss with Justin Bieber! This “gyrl” has it going on!

Tell us what’s up with you, Mandy!
I am now starting on my solo project. I’m really, really excited and pursuing acting very heavily right now. I’m excited about getting into the studio. I have a new website being launched soon, too.

You’re in front of the camera, you’re on the radio, you’re singing, you’re everywhere! Is there something that you’re most passionate about?
I think that I’m most passionate about performing. I love acting and I love singing and dancing, but performing covers al of that.

Do your friends come to you for advice?
A lot of them do, just because I have had a lot of life experiences – with boys, girl drama; all that kind of stuff. I think everybody experiences life, but being in the business and in the limelight, you experience it times ten. I think that they like to know how I dealt with it. I give them the best advice that I can give them and then I usually say ‘ask your parents,’ because honestly moms and dads know best.

How do you know Justin Bieber?
He worked on a movie with me in 2009 (School Gyrls), so we’ve been friends for quite a while now. He’s a very, very sweet boy and I love I’m to death. We saw each other a couple of weeks ago actually. We saw each other at a party, chatted for a while and skated, it was really fun!

He seems really fun.
Yes! He’s a 16-year-old at heart and he’s just trying to have fun and be young. So, that’s the biggest part. I remember, when we did the movie, he went into my trailer and shot this silly three-minute video on my computer when he hadn’t even met me yet! The fact that he likes to add some fun while doing work is great. It brings joy in to it and if it’s not already fun enough, he’s pulling pranks on you and trying to sing to you, to serenade you and stuff.

Cute! Have you done anything to get him back?
When we were on set we hid his skateboard. He got really, really upset. He was saying, “I cant find my skateboard!” His mom Patty was there and she was like, “I don’t know where your skateboard is,” but she knew. He eventually found it and was like, “I hate all of you”. That was fun.

Well, those things usually cycle back. So watch out, Justin’s coming for you!
I’m sure he is actually. I’ve seen some of the pranks he pulls on people and I’m kind of a prankster, but I don’t like pranks being pulled on me.

The anticipation of it is the worst.
Yeah, exactly!

Is there any chance that he will be sliding into the studio with you while you’re making this album?
That’s a little bit down the road. I will definitely hit him up and be like “Hey listen. I’m going to start working on some music and you should jump into the studio with me!” I’m sure he would love to. When the time comes, I’ll definitely hit him up.

That sounds like it could be a good combo, especially since you all have worked together and know each other so well.
We were singing on set actually. We were having a little jam session between two of the scenes. Actually, a little insider scoop, in the scene that we were going to do, he was supposed to be my crush. So, in the alternate ending, we’re supposed to kiss. A lot of the fans were shocked when they heard that it was going to happen but didn’t. I was actually kind of semi pleased that it didn’t because I did not want to upset a bunch of “Beleibers.” He got busy and couldn’t be in the movie as much as we would have liked. But, going back to the jam session, we were jamming out and our voices actually sounded good together, so I think that’d be something cool.

We talked before about how your friends come to you sometimes for advice. What would you say is the best advice that you have ever gotten?
My mom taught me from a very young age that you just have to be yourself and you cant worry about what other people think. Since I was young I’ve been dressing crazy, crazy! She’s always dressed me like that so it’s something that I’ve kept. I love standing out. I’ve gotten the advice from her to just be who I am and if people don’t accept who I am then they don’t. I’ve got to believe in myself and know that God loves me and my fans love me.

One last question: When you have a bad day, what do you do to get over it?
Bullying has been a huge thing with my fans recently. A lot of them have come to me and told me that they’re being bullied, or that they are being made fun of and stuff like that. I always tell them that the best advice I can give them is to just know that person has low self-esteem or else they would not try to take you down. You’re doing something right because you are so confident in yourself that they feel like they have to bring you down to make themselves feel better. I tell them that it’s not you, keep being yourself, do what you gotta do. Live for yourself, live for the people that love you, and live for every single moment in life. With so many things going on around the world, all of the disasters, you need to live every single moment like it’s your last and do what you want to do. Don’t think, “oh is this person going to think that I am weird?” When I have a bad day, I think of all the people out there that are having a bad day too. I think about how I am not alone here and this is not something that is going to be like this forever. It’s just a bad day. To cheer myself up, I’ll probably go hang out with my brother, because he makes me laugh a lot. I’ll go hang out with friends. I’ll call a friend and talk for a while. Just a cheering-up moment.

That’s a great way to handle it and a great outlook to have. You’re so positive and upbeat!
I like being positive about life, life is fun.