Justin Bieber Makes a McDonald’s Run in Spain (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber either isn’t interested in the culinary wonders of Spain, or he just had a pretty bad Big Mac attack.

Biebs was seen on the latest leg of his European trek in Madrid, Spain, where he spent a day running about town with his jeans falling off, revealing his (naturally) purple underwear. Rocking a YMCMB sweatshirt (a new staple in JB’s wardrobe), Justin and his team hit up McDonald’s for a daytime meal … perhaps hoping to put some meat on Justin’s waist to avoid any future jean fall-downs?
Later, Biebs stopped to snap some photos with Spanish fans who were following his every move in the country’s capital.

Bieber even showed his bilingual skills off a bit when he Tweeted: “off to Madrid! ESPANA!! te amo mi amor” over the weekend. He’ll be performing in Madrid on April 4, and then in Barcelona on April 5.