Because She's Hot: Angelina Jolie Departs LAX (PHOTOS)

Ah, Angelina Jolie – is there any woman on Earth more beautiful than this talented actress?

The Girl Interrupted star looked radiant in all black as she arrived at LAX airport solo to catch a flight. Draped in a thin black scarf, sheer black t-shirt and holding a large caramel-colored handbag, Angie made her way silently through the throngs of photogs before going through airport security. Hey, it's a lot easier to do this alone than with six kids in tow!

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  • Oy Vey
    Oy Vey

    I totally agree with you Julie. People's faces change slightly as they get older but not to the degree of Jolie's face. Her nose didn't naturally morph into Michael Jackson's nose just because she's getting older and she didn't miraculously grow those obvious cheek fillers without going under the surgeon's knife. smh.

  • Get over it already
    Get over it already

    Because people NEVER grow and change .....lmao What an idiot....

  • julie

    Just pick any of the movies from her youth. You will have to give credit to whoever did her nose and face job. The girl looked liked someone altogether different. Now take a look at her kids' faces, that's how chubby she really looked. And the nose! Talk about natural beauty--remember Elisabeth Taylor?