Beefcake Monday: Alex O'Loughlin Surfing & Shirtless

Hawaii Five-O stud Alex O'Loughlin made waves on the beach over the weekend -- with his rippling muscles! 

The hottie turned heads in Hawaii as he and some buddies enjoyed some down time on the island. The bros kicked off a fun-filled day of frolicking by hitting the water for some surfing. Alex is a huge surfer dude, telling USA Weekend

"It’s dark when I leave and when I get home. I dream about the next wave I catch."
Later, he was spotted on a thankfully shirt-free jog that showed off his multiple tattoos. The actor is inked on both shoulders and each forearm, plus he has a small tat above each nipple and a large back tat covers most of his lower back and extends slightly over his hips. 


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  • maryanns

    Enough with the tat' many take away from his naturally good looks. Sorry that is my opinion. Looks like they had a sale on ice and he is going to open his own shaved ice store or getting ready to have one heck of party.

  • Js009

    I don't think he has the forearm tats anymore. They haven't been visible for a while and it looks on HFO like he has had them removed or is working on it. And can I just add - dayum he is smoking!

  • Sugarysalt

    Holy hot as hell! I am gonna have to start watching that show! What a body that man has got. I love a guy thats inked too.

  • Kellyanne

    I love your pics thanx for keep us down under informed with hot pics of our fave pretty boy- we are so proud of our sexy hunk

  • riku66

    omg... I just died and went to abs heaven.. if that exists