Elizabeth Berkley Talks ‘Saved by the Bell,’ ‘Showgirls’ and Teen Empowerment

Better With Age
These ladies keep getting better.
Celebuzz recently had the pleasure of chatting with Elizabeth Berkley, star of Saved by the Bell, Showgirls, and now author of the new book Ask Elizabeth. She tells us she is focused on a new mission —  to empower and educate young girls.

From sex to self-esteem, Elizabeth tackles it all. She hopes that her work will be used as a tool not only for young girls to learn, but by mothers raising a teenage daughter. Celebuzz sat down with Elizabeth, and got a glimpse into her private and very personal world … and had a little fun in the process!

When did you decide to write Ask Elizabeth?
I started the workshops five years ago and I decided to write the book two years ago. It has been quite a journey and I’m so excited that the book is finding its way into the hands of every girl that needs it.

What do you hope will be the most life changing aspect for the reader of your book?
I hope that she knows in her bones that she is no longer alone. This knowledge can bring comfort and arm girls with the best secret weapon … a sisterhood of girls who have her back.

If you could sit down with a 15-year-old Elizabeth Berkley, what advice would you give her?
I would tell her that she doesn’t need to work so hard to please everybody.  That she can trust and that she’s enough.

Would you want your children to act and dance, or go to school and pursue a life outside the biz?
I would encourage and support my child the way my parents did with me … giving me the freedom to go after my dreams.

On Saved by the Bell what was your favorite episode?
I always loved the episodes where we got to sing and dance—Hot Sundae and even Buddy Bands. It doesn’t get better/cheesier than that! Don’t think for a second when I catch that episode on TV while doing cardio in the gym that it doesn’t make me smile.

Do you keep in contact with any of your old cast mates?
Yes. I still keep in contact with Mark Paul, Mario and Tiffani.

Is there a reunion in the future for your mega fans?
It would be so much fun but I’m not sure.  You never know though! ☺

If you could work on a brand new sitcom with any of your old cast, who would be at the top of your list to work with?
Mark Paul and Mario—Three’s Company in reverse! ☺

We have to cover Showgirls…
I LOVE that you love it. It makes me happy that people have embraced it for the fun and campiness factor. Who knew that it would end up being a cult hit and one of MGM’s top grossing videos of all time.

Do you have any regrets about taking the role of Nomi Malone?
The circumstances after the release were not easy, but what I walked through made me stronger. I don’t have any regrets in my life. I would not be the same person I am today if not for that role and the experience.

If you could do it over again, is there any aspect of the character you would play different?
It’s tricky because in any form of creativity it is hard to not want to change things or make it better with perspective you have now. In this case, I was a young actress and it was my first movie. I would have taken some of my own Ask Elizabeth advice and trusted my own instincts as an actress a bit more.

Do people ever ask you to do their nails?
Yes, darlin’. Would you like me to do yours sometime? ☺

How difficult was it to learn all that choreography?
I loved the intensity because I got to use my years of dance training. We worked 18 hours a day, 7 days a week for 6 months. I LOVED every single second of learning the choreography.

On the subject of dancing, would you ever consider being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars?
Where’s the glitter? Show me my costume!

What are your favorite television shows right now?
Glee, So You Think You Can Dance, Chicago Code (my girl Jennifer Beals is amazing on it!)


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