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Reed Alexander, who plays Nevel on the Nickelodeon hit iCarly, is feeling fit and fine after losing a little extra weight. Now he's inspiring kids to do the same with his "Kewl Deck" meal cards that make preparing healthy meals fun and easy! Celebuzz is giving away a deck of cards -- signed by Reed himself! 

How did the Kewl Deck come about?

About a year and a half ago, I was really overweight and tired, and I was lacking a lot of energy. When I saw that my eating habits were out of control and my exercise was really limited, I knew I had to make a change. There’s nothing out there right now that is from a kid’s point of view. I didn’t want to use an adult’s weight loss program; I wanted to use something that was meant for a lifestyle change for someone my age. It was a great process because I had to do a lot of research and cook a lot. I had the best time. I wanted to put a fun spin on a serious message.

Your website ( is food positive, whereas other weight-loss sites see food as the enemy, you love food, so it takes the love of food and makes it fun.

I love cooking shows and I love food, so I wanted to combine it with my health. I think that at the end of the day, when you love to do something, it becomes important to you ... There are new segments or blogs that go up several times a week about things that I want to share. I’m always adding new recipes.

Have you ever had any kitchen disasters? 

Yes! I’ve had things go up in smoke.

Even if you fail at something, it’s not the worst thing in the world, and you can always try something else.

You’re right. You find out what you can change. You also just get the experience from it. It’s very freeing.

Do you have any more appearances coming up on iCarly?

Yes! There’s another season coming up. It’s going to be a blast working on that. Being in front of the camera is always so much fun. I love coming back to the iCarly set. It’s up for a Kids Choice Awards nomination, so that’ll be very fun. I’m excited.

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  • Allan

    and your point would be...? Do you feel better about yourself now that you got that out? ....good!! now go find a hobby cause you obviously have too much time on your hands if all you can say is negative things about some character on a show... whatever im not gonna waste my time on your ignorance.... On another note, Reed keep up the good work and the positive energy. And thanks for sharing with us and inspiring kids to stay and eat healthy. You ROCK! \m/

  • maxwellhammer

    Neville is gay.

  • kclarksonfnatic

    I am looking for a new way to lose weight and remain healthy! Maybe I should give this a try?

  • Jamie

    My son and daughter both love ICarly. I'm sure they would be super excited to get this.