Jennifer Aniston Tries on Vibrating Bra (VIDEO)

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What’s the buzz on Jennifer Aniston? It’s coming from her bra!

Ellen DeGeneres had the actress try on a vibrating bra when she came on the talk show. “I’m going to expose myself one way or another,” Aniston said while trying on the contraption that is said to enhance the bosom. The former Friends star screamed when the vibrations began, and attempted to describe what she was feeling during bursts of laughter,

“Am I getting milked? … Oh! Now they’re going at the same time!”

It was announced last week that the actress is trying her hand at being a director. Aniston has signed on to direct Project Five, an anthology of five short films that will explore the impact of breast cancer. Also involved in the project are Hollywood heavyweights Alicia Keys and Demi Moore.