Kristen Stewart vs. Lily Collins: Who Will Make The Better Snow White?

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Both Kristen Stewart and Lily Collins have been tapped to play Snow White in two separate films but which young starlet will be the fairest of them all? Check out Celebuzz’s fairy tale comparison of the two talented actresses after the jump to see which one will be the loveliest Snow White.

Lily Collins

Best Known For: Being Taylor Lautner’s girlfriend and Phil Collins’ daughter.

Her Handsome Prince: TLuat, duh! The two started dating after they met on the set of their upcoming film, Abduction. However, Lily’s on-screen prince will be The Social Network’s resident hunk Armie Hammer. Mmm, dreamy.

Her Evil Queen: Lily’s on-screen Evil Queen will be none other than Oscar-winner Julia Roberts, who will be breaking her sweetheart image by playing one of the most evil women in fairy tale history.

Why She’ll Make a Good Snow White: Lily has the perfect angelic face and her graceful manners will give her Snow White an air of young elegance.

How Lily’s Snow White Will Stand Out: The film, which is being produced by action man Brett Ratner, will follow Snow White as she bands together with seven dwarfs to reclaim her kingdom. The film sounds like a big-budget, action-packed film which will stand in sharp contrast from KStew’s darker version of the classic fairy tale.

Kristen Stewart

Best Known For: Playing Bella Swan in Twilight.

Her Handsome Prince: While no on-screen Prince has been confirmed for KStew’s film, her favorite on-and-off-screen love will forever be Robert Pattinson.

Her Evil Queen: Oscar-winners are turning evil! Charlize Theron has been tapped to star opposite Kristen as the Evil Queen.

Why She’ll Make a Good Snow White: Kristen has been acting for years and already has some experience playing an iconic characters (uh, hello – who is more iconic than Bella and Joan Jett?) so she’ll be sure to bring something interesting to the table. Plus, Kristen’s brand of melancholic cool will give the Brothers Grimm fairy tale a sexy edge.

How Kristen’s Snow White Will Stand Out: Stewart’s film will be directed by film newbie Rupert Sanders who will be making his directorial debut with this film, so he is sure to give the fairy tale a fresh new angle.

Who do you think will make the better Snow White – Kristen, Lily or both? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.