Does Robert Pattinson Get Naked In 'Bel Ami'? His Costar Speaks! (VIDEO)

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Who said girls are the only ones who bare all on screen? Robert Pattinson revealed to MTV over the weekend that his upcoming film Bel Ami features "a lot" of his "crack" and Rob's costar Natalie Tena thankfully isn't denying Pattinson's claims that there is a lot of nudity.

"There is a lot of everything," Natalia tells MTV when asked if Rob really shows a lot of his crack.

So just how much are we talking here?

Unfortunately she trailed off before telling us exactly how much of Rob we're going to see.

"He is not nice, at all, in this which is great," Tena says of Pattinson's depraved character in Bel Ami. "He's going to break away from that thing, to show that he can play those roles. It's so important as an actor to not stay on that same path."

If Natalia is praising Rob's performance, guess we can't be too mad she didn't dish on all things naked! It will just give us more to look forward to when Bel Ami hits theaters May 2011, right? You know Celebuzz loves us some Edward Cullen, but we are equally as excited to see Robert Pattinson shine outside of Twilight.



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  • edwardbella2

    rob is great as actor but this role is not at all good for him i dont know how he accepted it!

  • Tyler

    He ugly and gay stupid teenage girl dont realize it