Gaga Leads MTV’s New Viral-Inspired ‘O Awards’

Gaga's Wildest Fashion
The Lady sure knows how to turn heads.
These days, viral videos get as many (and sometimes more) views than the music videos of today’s biggest stars, and MTV is ready to put them on the same pedestal.

The influential network is rolling out the first ever O Music Awards, which is essentially a hybrid of a normal music awards series, but with a quirky internet twist. There’s a “Must Follow Artist on Twitter” category, a “NSFW Music Video” realm, along with a “Most Viral Dance” genre among many others. There’s even an award for Best Music Hashtag Meme, where “#bustinjieber” is a heavy favorite in our books. As for voting, it’ll all be online — either via web site or social media.

An MTV executive says that “the digital space has forever changed the way we discover, experience and enjoy music, resulting in an unparalleled fusion of fan interaction and creativity around the artists they love,” hence, the O Awards.

Much like the regular MTV Music Awards, Lady Gaga sits atop the nominees with three nods, though she’s tied with someone you may not be too familiar with. Tyler the Creator of Odd Future also has three nods, thanks to his wildly dark and creative “Yonkers” video.

Stay tuned to the O Music Awards web site for the full nominee list and more info on how to vote!

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