Kingston and Zuma Are Face-Paint Warriors (PHOTOS)

Cute Celeb Kids
The most adorable offspring Hollywood has to offer.
It takes a fair amount of thought and effort to keep young children entertained in a restaurant. When you’re Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, thankfully restaurateurs will break out all of the tricks — including painting your kids’ faces!

The Rossdale clan dined out at Robata Jinya Japanese restaurant for a little Monday nourishment, and upon exiting, little Kingston and his brother Zuma both emerged looking like samurai warriors. Kingston went full-out with his painting, looking like a Frankenstein-ninja hybrid, while Zuma kept things a bit more isolated, wearing a dangerous looking black spider on his cheek.

Kingston is not letting up on keeping his reputation as one of the smoothest and most adorable celebrity kids out there. The latest face-paint incident only bolsters his reputation.

Just last week, he was spotted out with dad in a park, and when he wasn’t hitting the jungle gym, Kingston was working his magic with a young lady who seemed to be enthralled by the celeb tot. Check out the evidence below: