Leo DiCaprio Sells Cells By the Siene (PHOTOS)

Whether he’s on the set of a $300 million movie or simply filming a commercial, Leonardo DiCaprio looks like the epitome of A-list Hollywood.

Leo was once again out and about on the streets of Paris on Tuesday morning to film a commercial for the Chinese cell phone company Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp. Donning a navy blazer and a blue shirt along with his trademark slicked-back hair, DiCaprio showed off his good looks and acting chops as cameras rolled for the ad.

Thankfully for Leo, it was a drier day than it was on Monday, where the actor had to dash through the rain in scenes for the commercial.

If E!’s Ken Baker is right in his report that Leo’s banking $5 million for the shoot, well then it’s hard to feel bad for DiCaprio if he has to endure a little more rain.