Exclusive: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Not On a Break, Says Source

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Has our favorite on and off-screen couple called it quits?

The Daily Mail reports that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are "on a break" while Rob is off promoting Water For Elephants, but Kristen is "hopeful of a reconciliation." A studio source explains the reasoning behind the split:

"Things have been a bit rocky for a while. They both have hectic work schedules, Rob in particular at the moment, and their phone calls were getting fewer and further in between."

Well, Celebuzz has studio sources too and we are hearing something quite different ...

There is nothing out of the ordinary going on with Rob and Kristen. "They are still together," says our insider. "This is nothing new, they have been apart many times before."

Can't say we are all that surprised. Adds our source:

"Rob and Kristen are both very supportive of each other's careers."

Glad to hear it! As if Celebuzz staffers believed the split talk in the first place.

Speaking of supporting each other's careers, remember how Stewart shocked fans showing up at Rob's Remember Me premiere in New York? We would love if she did the same for Elephants

Breaking Dawn is expected to wrap mid April, so it will definitely be up in the air as to whether Kristen is even able to attend the Elephants premiere with her beau.

Water for Elephants hits theaters nationwide on Friday, April 22.

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  • edwardbella2

    The head line nearly gave me a heart attack.Thank God they r not breaking up.They r the most adorable couple,they look great together.KEEP ROCKING ROBSTEN!!!!

  • Whattheheck!

    It is amazing the amount of rubbish coming from people. Unless these actors did something to you...shut up. The venom that is spread is crazy. Is this how you treat people in your life? Think before you speak because nasty comments have serious side affects. Use mouthwash

  • fred

    someone on here sounds a little frustrated, don't you think?

  • Pam

    Enjoy a couple that don't run around chasing paps to get their pics in the media. Rare in Hwood. Probably while they have been togther so long.

  • Terri

    good grief.... who are the people who comment here. you don't even know these two people! they seem like a sweet couple and all I ever read about Rob is that he is a super nice guy. they just don't fluant their relationship - good for them.

  • Tracy


  • Sam

    Beautiful couple!

  • Stiffler

    Actually I have to agree with you kim. They constantly have druggo eyes.

  • Steff17

    they are fine and amazing as always!!

  • saz39

    OMG! So much hate around! Why? How sad your lives must be to publish so many vile comments! I wouldn't want to be an aquaintance of yours - the bitchiness is oozing out of you! I do not have an opinon on Kristen one way or another but nobody deserves the vitriol that is spewing from every orrifice. How would you like it if nasty comments were being posted about yourself? I rarely post but was so incensed that felt had to comment. Sounds like someone has a bad case of jealousy. Another comment about not knowing who the President of France was even though she visited there - half of all Americans don't have a clue who the politicians are outside of the States. I'm English & have a fairly good knowledge but I have visited countries for holidays & not known who was President - why would You need to know this? It seems like the haters have picked up the tiniest thing & run with it , twisting everything into their own perverted view of her. As someone else said - Libellous. Watch yourself as you can be tracked down & sued. Now go away & have a good think about your own life & how you can change to make yourself a nicer person.

  • mags

    Love both of them, separately and together. They are very interesting people and not the norm we come to expect in their profession which is probably why some people can not understand them. They have a lot of people supporting them though so that is brilliant.

  • guest

    Very sexy couple. Heat just oozes off of them when they are near each other. The way they stare at each other is intense.

  • ymwm

    Rob is completely capable of judging for himself how he feels about Kristen. Bear in mind he actually knows her! She's a great girl and he's a great guy. They seem to have a lot in common and are strong together. It looks like they are in their own little World together.

  • ice cream
    ice cream

    Don't you all understand these two are committed to one another since like the beginning of twilight go look at the on set pics you cant tell something was there. Its why twilight is so awsome. these two are the anti hollywood and are both two of the most down to earth people you'll ever meet from what others have said. They are not fake and are just awsome being themselvs. stop judging them and telling how to act how to be what they should or should not do. how would you act in their position if you had press always hounding you following you around wathcing your every move waiting for you to appear won't leave you alone then on top of that they have hungry fans always waiting for pics autographs that they need to satisfy this is their lives they have no privacy now be glad we don't have that problem. both are fine just the way they are its way we love them.

  • Baba

    You go girl. That's right. And what is the big deal in saying in admitting if they are going out. We all know that they are so why insult our intelligence. i It is nerve wrecking. JUST SAY IT ALREADY, YESSSSSSSSSSSS, WEEEE AREEEEEEE.

  • romanticfool

    After all,she barely finished high school with a 3 hour a day mediocre tutor. She does not even know who the President of France is despite being fortunate enough to go there on Twilight tour promo. She gave Rob the finger at Eclipse event in LA, dozens of dirty looks and makes crude comments like "be healthy and fxxx everyone". I hope she has a skill other than being in movies. She'll need it soon.

  • romanticfool

    Considering that there is off the chart unemployment, people with college degrees working in low level jobs and people struggling to have extras....Kristen should show some gratitude, do some charity work and keep her crude comments and finger down. They are very lucky to be rich off of a teen supported movie franchise. Kristen and her moaning, whining, complaining, poor me, how dare they ask for an autograph after standing outside for hours attitude is reprehensible.

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    Why are you commenting on people that you a) obviously don't know, b) will never know, c) don't care about and/or d) have a very strange obsession about. Please tell me why its so "obvious" they are on drugs? Have never seen anything to support that. Besides - how would you know based on a bunch of photos? You are just a mean spiteful person who is obviously jealous of them. Get a life.

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    Too much makeup?? When - I suppose you think Kim Kardashian looks ok. Kristen only seems to wear it for photo shoots and events. And to call her ugly......well, that just makes you ugly

  • LoveRobsten

    Taryn: Grazie , There sure our a lot of UGLY rumors going around and WE (Rob and Kristen Fans)I appreciate you setting them straight..

  • Jane

    Meh. This entirely thing is a circle of gossip. 1 trash org that is the level of Star Mag says something which is obv bs and others either pick up on it pretending it's true or pick up on it to say it isn't true. Everyone wins. You all get hits. Now Rob and Kristen who's life is treated like a game they dont win. But lets be real none of you care about that.

  • Baba

    First of all, the comment made by Kristen "that she is hopeful"is not at all true, because that would be admitting that they are together and thats one thing she'll never admit to. I think this is all bogus. As far as your illiterate comments above and your nasty remarks they are soooooo uncalled for. Think before you speak.

  • Lissa

    Rob is cute, yes. But hot...idk.

  • Lissa

    I completely disagree with both of your statements. While that might not be the best picture of either of them (rly celebuzz?), Kristen is a very pretty girl.

  • charlotte

    why they just talking sh*t for, these people need to get a real job and do something better in there lives then just sitting around and gossiping about people they dont even know just leave kristen and rob alone, dont you think they get enough drama in their lives without you shovin relationship ball-crap down there throat... i hate papz :)

  • ThinkbeforeUspeak

    Right back at you! I see your "ugliness" ...

  • PPLneedtogrowup

    Obviously you "know" them or have laser eyes ... LOL Such comments are just DUMB. Grow up!

  • SupportK

    That's just a fu*ked up comment, as it's just lies. She is one of the actresses that doesn't put on a lot of make up, normally she don't even wear much, except for events. Another jealous "little girl".

  • Brit


  • kim

    It is soo obvious that they do drugs. Their stupid fans must be fuckings blind to call em good role models

  • maria

    Kristen is soo ugly she wears soo much make up. But Rob is hot