Another Shirtless Night for Charlie Sheen in Cleveland (PHOTOS)

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Charlie Sheen may want to update the name of his tour to Violent and Shirtless Torpedo of Truth.

The erratic and in-demand actor was at it again, taking the stage in Cleveland for the third performance in his roller-coaster ride that’s become a full-blown concert. The third gig seemed to keep the positive momentum going, as fans in Cleveland warmed Sheen with huge cheers — enough to make him go all Hulk Hogan on them and rip of his shirt in celebration.
ET caught up with one fan who was there on Charlie’s first disastrous night in Detroit, but was willing to give him another shot in Cleveland. His review?

“It was worth every minute of the drive … All three and a half hours.”

Charlie made significant tweaks to the format of the show after nearly being booed off the stage in Detroit. Rather than a lecture, the show is now more of a faux talk show format.