Because He’s Hot: Jake Gyllenhaal Brings His ‘Code’ to Rome (PHOTOS)

America tends to benefit quite a bit from Italy, as the country’s culinary and fashion exports are some of the most sought-after and consumed items across the U.S. So, it’s only right that we give a little back, right? They might have mozzarella and leather, but we’ve got movie stars galore, so Italy: You’ve now been blessed with the presence of Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake G. brought every ounce of his handsomeness to Rome on Wednesday to promote his new movie Source Code. Sporting his signature stubble-beard (which is teetering on the border of full-blown beard), Jake looked happy and charming at a photo session at the De Russie Hotel. While Jake sometimes isn’t thrilled to have lenses snapping away at him, that wasn’t the case in Rome, as he was all smiles in the lush green surroundings.
Code opened up fairly strong last weekend, bringing in nearly $15 million, but falling far short of its competition — the Easter-themed kids movie Hop, starring the voice of Russell Brand. Kids movies are fierce competition at the box office, so don’t blame it on Jake or his acting chops.

Watch a trailer for Code below: