Britney Spears Is Apocalypse Sexy in 'Till the World Ends' Video (VIDEO)

Britney Spears Til the World Ends

Britney Spears is back with an apocalyptic vengeance in the new video for her hit single 'Till the World Ends.'

Britney channels her edgy and sweaty "Slave 4 U" days in the new video, as she dances and writhes around in what seems to be an underground bunker ... with a gaggle of bare-chested men, naturally. What else would you expect from a song titled 'Till the World Ends."?

As the world crumbles outside, Britney and her assemblage of dancers keep themselves distracted with song and dance, as Britney parades around in various leather and tattered outfits. Watch the video below.

Britney dropped the video overnight, and Tweeted early Wednesday about the news. "I'm so excited that you all can finally see the "Till The World Ends" video! Watch it now on @VEVO," she wrote to her more than 7 million fans.

"Ends" is the second single off of her currently-number-one album Femme Fatale. She had another smash hit on her hands in previous months with "Hold It Against Me."



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  • fictionfoREVer

    What was that? A cleaned up Kesha music video? That was terrible. She didn't even sound like she was singing anything but head voice. Let alone singing OUT of that range. They tried to distract the viewer with their b-rated CGI and terrible, grimy costumes to attempt to salvage the song a little bit. She's lost her spark that captivated pop music a decade ago.

  • mauraroxanne

    The song is a guilty pleasure and I'm pleasantly surprised by the video. I didn't like "Hold It Against Me" - it was like pop music threw up and there was the final product. This one is definitely reminiscent of the Britney I know and love. She was looking a little stiff, even in some of the dance sequences - but good stuff. Always happy to hear and see some Britney (:

  • lexilove


  • lexilove

    umm hi tinat that was a really good vid so idk wat ur talkin bout. XD u must be a robot if u didnt like that lol jkjkjkjkjk but seriously brit looked good well ok bye

  • Kat

    I don't know who told her this kind of music suited her.......

  • lexilove

    i loved it and britney looked really good in it! u go gurl i told u u would lookk good in that outfit. love u brit :) and i hope almost everyone loved ur vid so who does?

  • tinat